20+ Free Best Games For Android And ios

During these isolated times, our efforts to keep you entertained continue, and now we have a mixed bag of games for you. However, it was not chosen randomly. All of the titles we deliver today feature graphics that far exceed the average of mobile games and have a stunning effect on them. Of course, these games offer more than just a look, they also offer an immersive environment and engaging gameplay. There is nothing better than curling up on the sofa, wrapping up in a blanket, and jumping into the game on your smartphone. There are things that make us comfortable to make our own small cocoons that are safe from the outside world.

While gaming phones are gaining momentum, for mobile gamers, there is no better phone to buy than an iPhone. With over 1 million apps available on the Apple App Store, iPhone has almost unlimited game options. Once you’ve opened the box on your new smartphone and pleased your eyes with its glory, you’ll probably want to test its potential with some heavy graphics games. .. Smartphones today are better than most handheld consoles, so you can expect great games with realistic graphics on the app store. When you’re ready to get hooked on a breathtaking smartphone game, check out these high graphics games for Android and iOS

Left to Survive


Left To Survive is a combination of shooter action games and a post-apocalyptic world in which zombies enslaved the earth. Life is not what it used to be. Humans are running for their lives, and the earth is now undead. Participate in tournaments, collect weapons, grab valuable gear and build bases – a new home for many survivors, start an expedition to meet this post-apocalyptic hero and start a PvP match. Show off your shooting skills by challenging other players with or helicopter raids. Protecting humanity from hordes of zombies The world is full of undead. There is no place to escape or hide. Become a hero of this apocalyptic reality and shoot all the zombies. Start the campaign and follow the story to remove the hordes of undead from Earth! Helps humankind rise from the ashes like a phoenix. A variety of weapons and equipment will help you in your mission to save the world from zombies. Choose and pick the right one from assault weapons and sniper rifles to machine guns and shotguns. You can shoot all zombies in no time. Equip your hero with gears to enhance your skill and power. Upgrade and evolve your weapons and gear to make your hero more powerful.

IOS / Android

METAL MADNESS PvP: Car Shooter & Twisted Action


Challenge fighters and snipers around the world. Post an apocalyptic twist tour around the bullet arena. Load your gun and dive into a crazy Crossfire Derby like a special operations force! Deliver a game enhanced with machine guns, thrusters, bombs, flamethrowers, rockets and sniper rifles. Various weapons such as flamethrowers, rocket launchers, plasma guns, railguns, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles and more! It is a pure riot of steel knights, fighters and archers fighting on the battlefield. Make a garage with 16 unique vehicles! Deadly war machines, sports cars, muscles, ice cream trucks, time machines, SUVs and other mech monsters! Use your weapons and fill with more deadly and crazy anger! Crush, shoot and defeat your enemies in glorious battles.

IOS / Android

The Elder Scrolls: Blades


Blade, the main agent of the Empire, is forced to leave the country. When you flee, you will return to your homeland and find a destroyed place. Experience a quest and an amazing dungeon adventure. Create a city, customize it and restore it to a magnificent state. Conquer your friends and rivals in epic one-on-one arena battles. Create any character. You want and discover unique weapons, armor and abilities. Take control of the endless Abyss with the latest combat system.

IOS / Android

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade


Command Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Nights in the most action-packed and visually stunning action game on mobile. The young Imperial Knight joins forces as a free blade in the Dark Angels Space Marine chapter when he sees an aristocratic house destroyed by a twisted army of chaos. Experience epic stories in over 170 single-player missions while commanding the Freeblade on a journey of honor, redemption and revenge. Test your skills, patrol the world of Tarnis and defeat endless invaders. Feel the power of war machines at your fingertips. Use cannons, missiles, and thermal blasts to kill enemies and watch the environment shatter into dust. Experience the world, character and creatures of 40,000 Warhammer like never before with amazing high detail using the latest graphic effects.

IOS / Android

Bright Memory Mobile


A first-person action shooter game, players can control different styles of special abilities and combine skills to create a gorgeous combo set. An adventure story of Sheria from the Natural Science Research Organization (SRO). In 2020, SRO discovered an ancient sword with a material that could remind us of a creature that died during an investigation into a relic crime. A third-party military organization (SAI) invaded the SRO’s lab and attempted to obtain material. They changed the transmitter’s coordinates to the edge of the Arctic Circle, where they found an empty land full of ancient creatures. SROs must stop SAI’s plot and discover the truth.

IOS / Android

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG


Build an epic fate with Iron Blades set in medieval Europe full of war, discord, and magic-the most thrilling of all action RPG games. Explore the world of fantasy games with console-quality graphics and an innovative yet easy-to-learn innovative combat system.  Test your skills against.

IOS / Android

Black Desert Mobile


Recognized MMO with players from over 150 countries! Experience mobile adventure with Black Desert. Play as 5 unique classes with dynamic skills. Experience the unsurpassed, dynamic action combat that only Black Desert Mobile has to offer. An immersive world with sophisticated high-precision graphics. Express yourself with extreme character customization. Simple tools give you more options for character customization. Be truly yourself with customization options that extend the boundaries of your game. An endless amount of content to create the world. Vast life content such as fishing and domestication, and a unique camp to manage and expand.

IOS / Android

Real Racing 3


Enjoy an unforgettable racing experience including F1 anytime, anywhere! A real car. Real man. Actual motorsport. This is Real Racing 3. Please read the important information below. Real Racing 3 is an award-winning franchise that sets new standards in mobile racing games. This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable in-app purchases using your device’s settings. Features of officially licensed tracks including. Chevrolet, Aston Martin, Audi. In addition, real-time multiplayer, social media leaderboards, dedicated hubs for Formula 1 and tournaments, timing competitions, night races and innovative time-changing multiplayer technology allow anyone to enjoy the race anytime, anywhere.

IOS / Android

Oceanhorn 2


Set 1000 years before the Chapter 1 event, Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm takes you on a magical journey through a vast Gaia world full of myths and lore. Young knights face an impossible challenge as Warlock Mesmeros returns with a terrifying dark army. Can our hero unite Owls, Gilfolk, and men in a battle for the fate of the world? You never travel alone on this journey. Trin, the granddaughter of Arcadia’s leader Archimedes, and Gen, a mysterious robot wielding the weapons of an old samurai, join forces with you to fight the dark army of Mesmeros. You can use contextual commands to guide these allies into battle or help you solve the game’s smartest puzzles. Oceanhorn 2 coming soon for android.




You wake up and find the letter from your father. He has gone… The only lead is his old notebook and mysterious necklace. What happened. Explore a world of many dangers, puzzles, and secrets, islands of the unknown sea. Fight monsters, learn to use magic and discover ancient treasures to help you on your quest. Use your wisdom and skills to unlock the mystery of the ancient kingdom Arcadia and the sea monster Ocean Horn. Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito, composers from all over the world. Easily master the game with precise touch controls or controllers.


Asphalt 9: Legends


Asphalt 9: Legends includes the best lists of true hypercars for you, unlike those found in other games from renowned car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors. Freely choose the car of your dreams and compete against competing high-speed cars from all over the world in thrilling locations Pass the fast track and leave the limits in the dust to become a track legend. Dive into one of the most realistic arcade racing games ever. Transform every race into a real blockbuster racing movie. Collect over 50 of the world’s best fast cars. Each cool vehicle is carefully selected based on its aesthetics and the best driving performance required for the most desired lineup of asphalt games today.

IOS / Android

Call of Duty: Mobile


Asphalt 9: Legends includes the best real hypercar lists for you, unlike other games from renowned car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. Freely choose your dream car and compete against competing high-speed cars from all over the world in exciting locations. Take the fast track and leave the limits in the dust to become a legend. Dive into one of the most realistic arcade racing games ever. Transform every race into a real blockbuster racing movie. Collect over 50 of the world’s best fast cars. Each cool vehicle is carefully selected based on its aesthetics and the best driving performance required today for the most desirable line of asphalt games. On mobile, unlock and earn dozens of famous characters, weapons, costumes, score streaks, and gear items that you can use to customize your loadouts. Put these loadouts into battle royale battles and take advantage of thrilling PvP multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch, Frontline, Free For All, Search and Destroy, Domination and Hardpoints.

IOS / Android

Modern Combat 5


Step into the battlefield and answer the phone with a title that sets the bar for first-person shooters with great graphics, powerful guns and powerful online multiplayer action. Create teams from 9 classes, play in teams with friends and test your skills in dynamic battles against online rivals around the world. Do you work alone? Then, as you launch an attack on the crazy apocalyptic scheme, proceed through a thrilling solo-play campaign, going through the tragic situations one after another to save the world.

IOS / Android

Nitro Nation Drag & Drift


The state-of-the-art realistic drift mode drags the world of racing! State-of-the-art technology recreates the most accurate and realistic drift experience ever. New suspension upgrade to adjust your car to drift. Intuitive and customizable controls fit any racer. A truck designed for drifting. Tuners and street racers? check. Classic and modern muscle? I bet! The best part? I always love drag racing cars. There are more than 150 real cars from top international car brands such as Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and Nissan. , Subaru, Volkswagen-etc. Fair Play-There is no “fuel” to wait for. There is no “delivery time” for cars or upgrades. All vehicles are competitive and there are no “premium” upgrades. The driving skills and dedication of the player are everything. Real Racers and Teams-Multiplayer racing is everything. Online rivals are always on the streets and on the streets. Start races from 1/8 to full miles, join or create a team, win tournaments with crews, boost leaderboard rankings and test your nerves in betting races. Join and play live multiplayer races in real time with friends and enemies around the world! Compete in weekly regional tournaments and battle from bronze and silver divisions to the Worldwide Gold Elite Racing Division!

IOS / Android

Gods of Rome


Accurately demonstrate the capabilities of your mobile device in an epic fighting game set in the age of myth and legend. The most powerful soul of God has been summoned to a brutal battle. Fight for peace again with the most graphical and awesome games for mobile. Champion Pantheon is yours to train to new heights as you join an epic story full of daily challenges, mysterious prizes and PvP combat. Gods of Rome pushes the boundaries of mobile platforms by providing the best 3D graphics possible on mobile devices. Enjoy an experience tailored to mobile platforms – fluid tap and swipe controls that offer unforgiving chain attacks, freeing you to use the entire screen on top of THE ASCENDERS, the supreme summoner of ancient legends Will join. As an ascender, you can summon and upgrade gods, monsters, heroes, and other mythical warriors to combat the dark forces that threaten to enslave them. A collection of the most powerful fighters in the world such as Zeus, Hades, Balkans, Atlas, Spartacus and Medusa. The most wonderful place in the ancient world – travel to the Coliseum, Mount Olympus, the ruins of Pompeii. , And many others. Discover unique bonds shared by fighters and earn powerful bonuses.

IOS / Android

MTB DownHill: Multiplayer


MTB Downhill: Multiplayer is fun, popular and you can play free mountain bike simulation games on Android. The game goes downhill through a realistic forest environment. Explore more than 20 maps from the biker’s eyes or from the POV of a sports cam mounted on the biker’s helmet. Compete with other players around the world in multiplayer mode, take time challenges in one player mode, and add different weather conditions you might encounter to your gaming experience. Feel the amazing physics of a bike as you ride down realistic forest paths and race in snow, rain, sunny, or foggy conditions. Along the way, different levels of challenges arise. Besides the high resolution graphics, the creators will give you the choice to upgrade and customize your bike with the money you make in the game. You can also choose from various racer costumes. The sooner you finish, the more money you can use to up the game.

IOS / Android



MORTAL KOMBAT MOBILE brings the trademark Fatalities to mobile with stunning graphics. Build an elite team of Mortal Kombat warriors now and prove yourself in the best fighting tournament on the planet. Build a team of Mortal Kombat 11 console characters on mobile! The MK11 team is extremely versatile, with a combination of unique abilities and a powerful team that hurts the enemy. The MK11 Kollection includes the MK11 Leiden, Scorpion, Jade, Subzero, Cabal, and Scarlet, just as deadly as their console counterparts! They perform the same deadly blow! Create your own team of Mortal Kombat fighters and guide them into battle to gain experience, new special attacks and powerful artifacts. Team up your warriors with unique synergies to gain an advantage over enemies like Team Ronin, Team Nightmare, and Team Day of the Dead. Collect over 130 Mortal Kombat characters including veterans such as Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Cassie Cage, Ermac, and many more. Discover the latest additions to Mortal Kombat Mobile, including the bloodthirsty Vampire Milena, football champion Combat Cup Sonya Blade, mysterious classic Reptile, and warrior Princess Ronin Kitana.

IOS / Android

DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Game


Prepare for the raid: stop and fight to survive in the zombie apocalypse, create your personal hideout in this eye-catching first-person shooter adventure and meet Gunsmiths, Scientists, Smugglers, Medics, Engineers Let’s unlock 10 regions and plan 33 battlefield strategies. Save the world. Over 600 gameplay war scenarios and intensive storytelling campaigns. Over 70 gun weapons. Defeating zombies has never been so easy. This zombie FPS shooting game is full of evil actions. Choose from touch controls or an enhanced virtual joystick. The best FPS control ever. Use brutal melee weapons such as wrenches, bats, hammers, katanas, chainsaws, swords and machetes. From powerful pistols, rifles, SMGs, miniguns, rocket launchers, shotguns to experimental weapons. Fun and entertaining gadgets from mines, turrets to deadly chickens

IOS / Android

Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is a five-part episode game series set in the same universe, featuring Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic book Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes. This is not another shoot. A game of exploring a very dark psychological place, revealing that the undead are not the only ones to fear when society collapses. In this brand new story, you are Lee Everett. I was beaten by the undead. Protecting the orphan Clementine may atone for him in the world of hell as the corpse revives and the survivors stop silently to keep themselves safe. It changes around you in the story. This tailoring experience means that your story can be very different from the stories of others.

IOS / Android

Bullet Force


Fight in a massive 20-player war with your teammates using different iconic weapons. Get ready to defeat all the enemies in this shooting game. Are you connected to the internet? Nevertheless, you can still use the bot to play the game offline in skirmish campaign mode.

IOS / Android

Infinity Ops: Sci-Fi FPS


The events of the game happen in the distant future when mankind has exceeded the limits of technological development and the world has fallen into the chaos of interplanetary warfare! Players face team PvP combat as classes like Recruit, Sabotage, Tank, Assault! Each class has its own features and abilities. Create your own clan to invite others and friends to join the game together. A variety of weapons are available in-game, from assaults and plasma rifles to laser machine guns and grenades! Each weapon has its own characteristics and capabilities.

IOS / Android

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