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Things to know about writing for us:




Writing for us:

The blog covers a variety of topics, including digital tips and tools on apps and gadgets, web design, web development and freelancing.

We don’t publish paid or sponsored content.

Not all submissions are accepted. We reserve our right to decline submissions. And we are strict about what we publish. Your article will still be available for use elsewhere, even if we decide not to publish it.

An editor may edit an article for formatting, grammar, or spelling. If English is not the first language of your family, we can help you with spelling and grammar.

You can pitch your guest post ideas on…

What topics are you looking to assign? We’re interested in posts about the following topics, based on reader suggestions

Blogging: How do you get more traffic? Build your list, guestpost, conversion? Use blogging to get freelance clientele (should be backed up with data, screenshots, and social proof).

Breaking in: Where and how to find good beginner markets.

Copywriting: Tips and Strategies for Writing Headlines, Email Campaigns, Lead Magnets, Case Studies, White Papers, and Sales Copy that Converts.

Editor Q&As – What do editors really need? Talk to many people in a niche, and share it all with us.

Ghostwriting: How do I find ghost writing clients How much should you charge? Do ghostwriting platforms exist that link writers and clients? What is it like working as a ghostwriter

Juggling: Stories from first-person about how you balance your full-time or part time job, kids, and family. You can also freelance write.

Making the leap to full-time freedom: How to do it.

Market reports: What it’s really like to write on specific websites and emerging platforms. Includes interviews with the company, and the successful writers.

Marketing: How to find freelance clients and prospects, lead generation strategies for freelance writers, tips on marketing to freelancers, how to be consistent in marketing, how you can find the right prospects to pitch to,

Get more clients, move up and earn more. These stories are from first-person people who have shared their experiences with how they found good-paying clients, raised their rates, sold large projects to clients, or gotten into better-paying writing.

Overcoming fear: New angles, techniques and first-person stories about how to do freelancing marketing or how to put your writing out in spite of fears. How to build confidence

Productivity: Get new tips, tools and techniques to increase productivity.

Resources/tools/best web sites: We are looking for more, longer posts with 50-100 items to help freelance writers.

Stories of self-publishing success: I would love to hear from authors who have been successful marketing and selling ebooks.

Stories about social media marketing success on established or emerging platforms like Facebook, Instagram Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Writing craft: Use concrete methods and exercises to improve your writing.

Your pitch should be sent to:

Our blog editor can be reached at [email protected]

Can you pitch right away?

In general, I will only accept guest posts from current or former Freelance Writers Den members as well as students or graduates of Jon Morrow’s blogging mentoring program.

Sometimes I offer an open pitch session. If you’d like me to pitch you, but haven’t gone through one of these programs, then like my Facebook page. There, I post when I’m open and willing to take pitches from everyone.

10 steps to guest blogging for Make a Living Write

Here are my guidelines for writers.

1. Sign up to the blog and spend some time reading it. Most of our most popular guest posts are written by regular readers.

2. Follow these guidelines. It is amazing to see how many writers I have received who have never read this page.

3. Your best headline idea and outline of the guest post you are proposing, should be included in your email. We will likely ask for your feedback before assigning you an assignment.

4. An assignment is not an assurance of publication. Don’t forget to complete it.

5. At the month-end, we pay for publication. Your post may not appear immediately due to the fact that we often have guest posts in backlog. We pay via Paypal at each month that your post appears (on Mass Pay, no fees). We need your correct Paypal address to pay you.

6. We only buy first-time or reprint publication rights. We reserve the right not to publish your post on my sites or in future e-books.

7. Do not submit any pre-written content without receiving an assignment. They will be rejected for publication or not read.

8. We prefer guest posts of 750-1000 words (unless we are assigning you an idea from the above list at a shorter length we agree to).

9. Please note that I do not pay expert who wish to write a guest blog post before appearing on one of my podcasts or webinars. We also do not pay those who are posting to promote a book or course. Although we are not obligated to publish your guest article, if you have valuable and fresh content for freelance writers, then we might still consider it.

10. If your post is published, please comment on my Facebook. Your contribution to driving engagement and social share of the post is part of what you get paid. We may not pay you if you are absent on the day that your post goes live. Let us know immediately if this is so we can schedule your post.

Sounds good? Send an email to [email protected] with your outline and headline for your guest post.


Due to the large number of pitches that we get, we are not able to respond to every one. If you don’t receive a response, it might be worth re-reading this page and working harder on your proposal. For example, I think that over half of the pitches that we receive are grammatically incorrect or on a topic not covered by this blog. Don’t be this writer.

How to get a post idea accepted

You’re wondering what makes an excellent post that I can’t resist publishing? The majority of our guest posts provide practical advice and tips on creative ways to increase freelance writing income.

Please refer to these guidelines when you submit a posting:

Articles can either be submitted in HTML, Word, or text.

All submissions need to be original. They cannot be published elsewhere, and they can not be plagiarized.

Content should be unique. We don’t want articles published that have very similar content on different websites.

Images are acceptable, please include them where possible. Images should not exceed 680px in size and should be optimized for the web using jpg or png formats.

Images should contain alt tags.

Your article should include a brief bio. Links to your website, and/or your social network profiles may be included in the bio. To be eligible for the Google authorship program, writers should include a link in their Google+ profile.

Please send us an article you are interested in publishing.Get in touch. Send us your thoughts and ideas if you’d like to discuss the topic before we write the post. Along with tutorials and articles, we also publish resources free of charge for our readers, such as WordPress themes, textures icons,apps, gadgets, and apps. Let us know if there is a resource you want to share with others.