25 Unique Free Responsive Blogger Templates

Blogger is the most popular blogging platform that is still in operation. It has a large number of users, and the majority of them are personal bloggers or writers. Blogger has opened up access to the internet for many who aren’t expert in technology on the internet.

The advantages of blogging far surpass the disadvantages of the need to create one and then maintain it. From easy benefits such as the increase in search engine traffic and the possibility of branding, to things such as authority and an increase in conversion rateblogging can offer every person.

Google Blogger is simple to design your personal blog in the way you would like it to appear. You’re only required to be familiar with the basics of HTML as well as CSS to begin but, aside from this, anyone can be capable of designing their own Blogger templates to show their friends and the wider community.

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The best collection of responsive blogger templates just released from a useful freebie site. However, with these powerful blogger templates offer an excellent selection of responsive layouts and great options. The Blogger templates that are well designed is stylish, but at the same time, it’s 100% responsive, high-quality stunning, elegant, high-end Blogger Theme that is perfect for photography , picture-based blogs, or for mobile web sites.

They are the templates that you can use for your Blogger. You can modify the appearance and appearance on your site at any point without losing any information. There are many blogger templates available online Both paid and free versions are readily available.

Responsive blogger themes give your mobile site a completely different look. This is the ultimate feature that allows you to view your blog depending on your device and screen size. Automatically adjust width and element size to account for design. You can hide or unhide items to help your blog visitors with your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re creating a simple blog or a magazine, you’ll find a number of responsive Blogspot templates in your directory for different niches.

Ergo Blogger Theme – Blossom Theme


Ergo is a clean travel and lifestyle magazine theme that can also be used for blogging. There’s also a new infinite class mega menu. The theme comes with an ad-ready design.

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MagZ Game Blogger Theme – Blossom Theme


MagZ Game Blogger Theme is made for professional gaming bloggers with game themes. It has various widgets and everything.

Demo / Download

Simplify Blogger Theme – Blossom Theme


Simplify is a clean travel and lifestyle magazine theme that can also be used for blogging. There is also a new Infinity Mega Menu in class. The theme comes with an ad-ready design.

Demo / Download

Heather Responsive Blogger Template


Heather Blogger Template is a clean and simple blog blogger theme that looks great and is flexible. This amazing Blogspot template is fast loading and highly SEO optimized. With a pitch-perfect responsive design, this theme will help you create stunning blogs for any viewer. Try this theme and enjoy unmatched customization features and a powerful management layout. This theme includes all the features you need to create niche blogs, including makeup, beauty, fashion, travel, OOTD, and Portland blogs.

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UltraMag Responsive Blogger Template


High quality magazine theme. Loaded with various premium features and high-quality widget settings, this theme will give you the opportunity to create something very professional in no time and basic knowledge. This theme comes with a flexible coding structure that allows you to customize your blog to your liking. You can configure the widgets according to the preference choice. This is a fully responsive theme with ultra fast loading speed and highly SEO optimized design. At the same time, this theme includes the latest outline marks for the home page and the post pages. So try this theme to create exceptional looking blogs for niches like news, technology, sports, business, photography, food, fashion, music etc.

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Rosenstein Responsive Blogger Template


The Rosenstein Blogger template is a clean and responsive blogger template. The most exciting blogger theme for publishing personal blog review articles, daily videos, web based articles and more. This theme has a complete arrangement of elements. It looks very different from your article.

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Magazine Pro Responsive Blogger Template


Magazine Pro Blogger templates are the most interesting blogger templates for blogging. You can easily configure multiple items with the mosaic function. You can also use it for different types of blogs, such as technology, sports, beauty, fashion, and more. This is a fully responsive blogger template that offers a flexible layout that can automatically adjust width and size based on the user’s device.

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Jupiter Responsive Blogger Template


The upiter blogger template is a uniquely looking and fully personalized blogging blogger theme. This theme has a very striking and attractive appearance, which gives your blog a definitive professional appearance. Loaded with various options and features, this theme is designed in a way that allows you to create various types of layouts through its multi-functional post features along with sliders, floating related posts, and custom popular posts.

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FlatBlog Responsive Blogger Template


FlatBlog Blogger Templates is a futuristic and amazingly designed news magazine blogger theme with professional features built in. It helps you to create great looking layouts quickly with zero coding knowledge and advanced skills. This is a very SEO-optimized theme with a great set of widgets so you don’t have to worry about ranking. Being a native magazine theme, this theme contains built-in features that help you create different types of layouts with different types of content.

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Elegantes Responsive Blogger Template


This professional blogger theme has a complete magazine layout with a post widget option with a variety of content-based features to help you create stunning layouts where you can arrange your blog posts by category. This uniquely designed Blogspot template has SEO highly optimized layout and fast loading capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of widget options, but it loads faster than your competitors.

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Fabster Responsive Blogger Template


Fabster Responsive Blogger template is a clean and simple blog blogger theme. This theme is beautiful to look at and beautifully designed to create a great blog with minimal effort. This theme has great features for creating an intuitive and engaging blog. Built on the latest generation of frameworks and built with fresh technology, this theme offers a variety of customizable options and features.

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Sora Times Responsive Blogger Template


The Sora Times Blogger Template is the latest blog spot theme for responsive, news & magazines that is creative, clean, modern and elegant. Great for news/magazines or categories such as blogs, sports, fashion, science, football, politics, videos, travel, style, beauty and health magazine sites. Contains everything you need for news/magazines. We believe this blogger and unique theme will be highly appreciated and become a very functional magazine site

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Faster Responsive Blogger Template


Faster is a simple yet powerful homemade blogger template. Arrange your website as needed using customized widgets. With just a few clicks, you can change the layout of your website every day to deliver more content. .. Changing the color is easy. Customize and pick the one you like best. Faster is packed with one of the best, perfectly created menu plugins that users can easily navigate.

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Mercury News Portal Blogger Template


Mercury is a blog/magazine/newspaper blogger template that provides the tools you need to easily create and edit articles. Focusing on reducing bounce rates and increasing the exposure of your ads, this theme will keep your visitors scrolling with more content Maximize your advertising revenue! If you are looking for a news portal style blogger template, this is the best option.

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Melesa Responsive Blogger Template


Melesa is a highly customizable template with 8 different body layouts, 3 footer layouts, 5 header layouts, 3 recommended post layouts and 3 different customizable post layouts, each with its own pagination type. You can choose. Melesa has a unique mega menu in the template that handles all posts on a label.

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Newsplus Responsive Blogger Template


Newsplus is one of the simplest and most powerful magazine templates for bloggers. Packed with a variety of customized widgets, you can customize theme colors yourself! You can color the theme if you want. A minimal news, magazine and blog theme ideal for sites that publish news about technology, fashion, sports, travel, personal and entertainment.

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Enside Responsive Blogger Template


Enside is created using a richer set of magazine themes, more innovative and cleverly coded. You can easily customize it for all your blog, news, newspaper, magazine, publishing and review site needs. One of the simplest and most powerful magazine templates for bloggers. Built on the latest interface of bloggers, it provides a fat road platform for publishing blogs. It’s packed with a variety of customized widgets, let’s customize the theme color yourself! You can now color your theme if you want.

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Cyber Responsive Blogger Template


We have carefully created themes with multiple blogs/magazines/newspaper niches and professions in mind-individuals, experts, bloggers, editorials etc. Focusing on reducing bounce rates and increasing ad exposure, this theme maximizes ad revenue by letting visitors scroll through more content.

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NewsOn Responsive Blogger Template


This time, we have devised the fastest, best-looking and UI-friendly design. After the successful release of Magma, Bpress, and Techpro, we are releasing this ultra-fast SEO-friendly blogger theme with versatile and more advanced customizable options. Packed with a variety of feature articles, it helps you create great-looking, stunning blogs that fit the niche of news and blog magazines.

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MiniBox Responsive Blogger Template


MiniBox Responsive Blogger are highly customizable and user friendly, with automatic features that display posts directly from the label. The template MiniBox comes with free easy-to-use documentation and free blogger xml files, so you can easily set up your blog or site.

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Rina Responsive Blogger Template


Rina Responsive Blogger is one of the simplest and most powerful magazine templates for bloggers. Packed with a variety of customized widgets, you can customize theme colors yourself.

Demo / Download

Sprinx Responsive Blogger Template


This theme has theme options and you can easily customize the whole theme by changing the sliders you need. This beautiful free blogger theme can be customized from Theme Options in the Layout section. You can enable or disable the theme preloader and much more with this amazing free blogger theme.

Demo / Download

MagPlus Responsive Blogger Template


MagPlus is a minimal news, magazine and blog theme perfect for sites delivering news on technology, fashion, sports, travel, personal and entertainment. It is full of various widgets and is ad-supported!

Demo / Download


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