Track User Behavior Without Pixels

Apple has released an update to its operating system for the iPhone and iPad. The update also includes an updated Safari browser. Apple also released a Safari update macOS.

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What is the problem with this?

Safari’s latest version focuses on privacy, with a built-in function to prevent websites from tracking your pixels. All web analytics and remarketing pixels are blocked on all websites.

It looks like the following:

You can see statistics on blocked pixels in Safari. We still have the Google Tag Manager lead pixel:

Therefore, a Safari user visiting our site with the new version creates these issues:

  • No popular analytics system can show you their actions.
  • The user is not included within remarketing audiences.
  • Google Tag Manager tags stopped working on this site.

You can expect more browsers to implement similar solutions in the future, so be prepared. Only 18% of web users currently use Safari.

How do you solve the problem

The easiest way to transfer tags, triggers, variables from GTM website containers to GTM server containers is to do so. All logic associated with trackers is transferred from the site code into the container on the server.

The Benefits of Server-side Tagging

Site loading speed

The server side logic of processing and creating events can be transferred to us. This allows us to eliminate a large amount of third party vendor JS code which greatly speeds up page loading time.

All data is saved in one place.

  • You control all data stored on Google Cloud servers and you own it.
  • Google Cloud servers can only process data that is allowed.
  • All data belongs to you. Google does NOT use the data for marketing purposes.
  • It is easy to know and control where data is stored.
  • All security standards have been met when data storage is done.

Block tracking trackers by bypassing their blocking There are typically two ways to block trackers/pixels:

Blocking JS code trackers (pixels)

  • To block the tracker domain, it will not receive data.
  • These issues can be avoided by server tracking

Transfer logic from pixels to server environment without placing JS code on site. This prevents site browsers from blocking it. You can avoid any possible blocks by binding the domain to a server container.

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