Top 8 Online Mp3 to Wav Converters

Without being a musician, or music enthusiast, you might not be able to see why audio converters matter in this age. An audio file convertor is crucial for converting audio files from one format to another. Why convert audio media file? For compatibility with different devices, you can convert audio media file formats. Sometimes, one device may not be capable of playing the other audio file formats. WAV file formats are not compatible with all devices, unlike mp3 format, which can be played by almost any device. Audio converters will convert your audio media files to any format you can use. Below is a list that contains mp3 converters to WAV. They were ranked based on popularity and user experience.

1. Evano Video Converter and Audio Converter –

Evano is the best audio software because it supports most audio formats. You can also convert more than one audio file at once. You can also join multiple audio files and convert them to one format or keep the exact same file extension. You can modify the file’s quality and Evano deserves to be at the top of my list. Although we cannot rule out the fact that this converter works flawlessly, it is still a great tool. It does have some disadvantages. For example, it will not convert large files faster than 3 minutes. Additionally, it might try and install other programs while you’re installing the program. This could make it difficult to maintain your sanity.

You can upload files in common formats to convert to AAC or AMR, FLAC to MP3, OGG to MP3, WMA to WAV to mp3, etc.

Common file formats to convert uploaded files are: ACC FLAC MP3, MP4, M4A OGG, WAV, WMA. Evano may also be of interest if your videos are to be converted to many video formats.

2. Ontiva Youtube Converter –

Ontiva Youtube Converter allows you to convert Youtube videos. You can download Youtube videos, and convert them to any format compatible with your media player. Listen to audio music anywhere you go!

3. Freemake Audio Converter –

Freemake Audio Converter offers the best user experience. Upload your mp3 audio file. Choose the format you prefer for your final file. Then click Convert. Wait until the download status changes.

4.  Audacity –

Audacity can be used to record audio for Windows, Mac OS, Linux or other operating systems. It is free and open-source. As an open-source project, it was created by volunteers. Audacity boasts many great features, which convinced us that it is worthy to be on the runners-up.

Recording: A microphone, a mixer or digital recordings can all be recorded.


Sound quality: Audacity has the ability to support a 24-bit rate, 26-bit rate and 32-bitrate for high-quality sampling or dithering.

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Plugins. Yes, Audacity can support plugins to enhance user experience. LADSPA plugins, LV2, VST and many more are supported.

Editing: Your audios can be easily edited using cut, copy/delete and paste. You can undo or redo unlimited things.

Effects: This tool shows you the status of your plugins in real time. It also has a plugin manager which can be used to help you uninstall or install plugins.

Accessibility, analysis and accessibility: There are many keyboard shortcuts available and a visual representation that shows the sound bytes. This allows you to easily control your audio editing or audio conversion. Spectrum window offers a detailed analysis of the audio file.

5. FileZigZag –

FileZigZag Online is available. No need to download to your computer. The software will display all the supported formats, so you can quickly choose the right option. You can convert many files at once. Files are unlimited in size. They can even exceed 150MB.

FileZigZag is among the top three software converters for mp3s to WAV, but it does have its limitations. One of these is the fact that you must upload the complete file to the website before you can convert it to your desired format. The site also limits the number you can make per day.

6. Zamzar –

These are some of the factors that elevated Zamzar to number 4 on the list of top 4 mp3 converters to WAV:

It works with any OS, using your browser online. You can convert your files locally, or online. It supports several file formats. To avoid confusion, it will display the formats that it supports. You can download files or wait until you get an email. Zamzar’s features are great, but it does have a drawback. The conversion rate is lower than average and the conversion limit is two files every 24 hours. If you’re a freebie with files greater than 50MB, Zamzar will not convert them.

7. VSDC Free Audio Converter –

VSDC Free Audio Converter supports both local and online audio file conversions. It allows you to edit song information like author, artist, album, and more. It can convert many popular file types into more common audio formats. There are advanced options that you can tweak and it supports all versions of Windows.

One drawback to VSDC Free Audio Convert? The setup may attempt to install other programs if it is allowed.

8. Hamster Free Audio Converter

Hamster Free Audio converter allows you convert audio files to MP3 from YouTube and audio file. It supports WMA, OGG and MONO audio formats. It includes a configuration assistant which helps to set conversion options and batch configuration, so you can save your time if there is a lot of work.

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