Top 4 Tapclicks Alternatives & Competitors

How do your marketing data are currently collected and presented? This article can help you, whether you are already using Tapclicks or looking to better understand your options.

Tapclicks is making it easier than ever for marketing data aggregation tools such as Improvado Datoroma Funnel, Improvado, Datoroma and Funnel to convert all of your marketing data to reports and dashboards. This saves you up to 40+ hours per work week in manual reporting.

Now your marketing data can be available in real-time. You can optimize your campaigns quickly and increase your ROI.

You don’t have to waste your time on this marketing task.

Don’t try to do more.

To help you decide which tool works best for your business, please continue reading.

Tapclicks Alternatives & Competitors


What is Tapclicks exactly?

Tapclicks provides cloud-based data aggregation tools, campaign analytics, and management.

Tapclicks for Whom?

Marketers and companies that work with many clients. This tool automates scheduling and exporting reports into PDF Word, PowerPoint Excel, Excel, or Email.


Numerous data sources

There are many options for visualization


  • Some main features are difficult for you to operate
  • Users complained that reporting could sometimes be slow.
  • Limited field customizations
  • Tapclicks Pricing
  • Tapclick’s Basic plan is $499/month. Potential clients may try a 14-day free trial or demo version of Tapclick before committing.
  • Integrations with Tapclicks
  • Tapclicks claims to connect to 1,400+ channels.


What is Datorama exactly?

Datorama’s analytics and business insight platform aims to simplify data across multiple platforms and make it useful for marketers.

Who should use Datorama

Datorama can be very useful for technical marketing teams. This is not the software for newbie marketers.

Datorama’s marketing focus is on the dilemma of integration and claims to have all possible integrations, even those that do not provide API connections. Further investigation is required to see how this is possible.

Marketing teams will need to access an implementation engineer with Datorama coding knowledge to set up or modify the system. If set up properly, the system can be very powerful and not too difficult at first.

Upgrade to a premium plan to get customer service reps.


Claims to have 400 integrations in marketing (*but it is impossible to find one anywhere on their website).

Powerful visualization capabilities


  • Steady user-learning curve
  • SQL knowledge is necessary
  • It’s hard to start new campaigns
  • Changes are difficult without an implementation engineer
  • Datorama Dashboard is the only platform that supports data exports, saving as files, or viewing them elsewhere.
  • Users are charged by the number line of data
  • Naming conventions make it difficult to rename.
  • Customers who require customer service can upgrade to the premium levels.
  • Super manual work is required to get data into a usable state.
  • It is not possible to create a database solution. Users will need to budget separately for this.
  • Cross-channel comparisons have limitations
  • Datorama Pricing
  • Datorama charges for data lines. This is very costly for marketers who have many campaigns.
  • Datorama Integrations
  • There is no listing on the website. However, they claim to have 400 marketing connections.

What is integrates with all advertising and marketing platforms.

Who should use allows small business owners to organize and group data on an ongoing basis. The data collected can be fed into a Google Data Studio dashboard, Google Sheets, Google Data Warehouse, or Google Data Studio. doesn’t allow you to integrate Tableau.

Although 395 data source connections are available, they are not as comprehensive as marketer might require. makes it difficult for marketers to obtain critical data at the ad level of Facebook.

Users are charged on the basis of ad expenditure. This may sound great at first, but as the company grows, becomes more expensive and the number of integrations is limited. The platform has a basic interface and customer support does not come with every package.


Integrations with data sources 395

Visualization widgets can be used to draw graphs or charts.

Allows you to export data


  • It is hard to obtain detailed data. Data at the ad-set level on Facebook and information about users and sessions from Google Analytics are not possible.
  • They don’t offer any database solutions – that will require you to pay separately.
  • No attribution reporting
  • The API is not customizable when channels update it.
  • It can be hard to learn data transformations and create them properly.
  • It’s difficult to match sources with dimensions.
  • No Tableau integration direct
  • More restrictions than other platforms
  • Users are not allowed to create custom metrics
  • It can be difficult for multiple accounts to be added to one report. You might have trouble adding multiple accounts to one report if you’re an agency looking at AdWords accounts.
  • Pricing on
  • Prices are per month. Plans start from $299/month Funnel claims unlimited data users and data sources, but each additional destination to which data is connected will incur an additional monthly charge.
  • Funnel Incorporations
  • Here is the complete list.


What is Adverity, exactly?

Adverity converts data collected into a platform that visualizes and automates campaigns. Adverity’s Data Tap tool is designed to help users improve their efficiency in reporting on analytics.

Learn more about Adverity and the top competitors on data aggregation platforms.

Adverity is for whom?

Adverity’s efficiency will appeal to data-driven marketers who want to be more efficient in their interactions with media, ecommerce, and marketing platforms.


The user has full control of the data

Data sources integrated in real time

Flexible and adaptable platform


  • A steep learning curve is required to reap high-rewards from the platform.
  • Uxflow is in dire need of an upgrade
  • UI dashboards can’t be customized as much as they should
  • Support and sales staff are based mostly in Europe. Customer service time can vary depending upon your location.
  • Ramp-up time can take many months
  • No database available – You will need an alternate budget.
  • A good grasp of data is necessary to get the best out of the platform
  • Pricing Adverity
  • Adverity is available to provide pricing information and demonstrations. Prices are not listed on the website.
  • Adverity Integrations
  • Adverity claims to offer users over 150 integrations.


Did you find what your looking for?

Each of the software platforms above can collect data across multiple campaigns and combine it into a single dashboard. The similarities end here. There is only one winner, according to us, when it comes customization, excellent and accessible customer support and options for final reporting.

Tapclicks offers customized customer support, customization, as well as the best data aggregation/visualization. Customer service representatives are always available to help if you cannot find the feature you’re looking for on Tapclicks. It doesn’t get any better!

If you are still uncertain, you might consider making a checklist of everything you need. Read this review of Tapclicks. Improvado. Datorama. And Adverity.

You don’t have to waste your time and effort collecting old data before you can actually start creating reports. You should work smarter and not harder. Automate data collection, and get back on track with the projects that you love.

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