Top 4 Competitors & Alternatives of Fivetran

How do your current marketing data collection and presentation look? This article can help you understand Fivetran and how to use it.

Improvado is a marketing data aggregation tool that allows you to automatically combine all your marketing data in reports and dashboards. It saves you up to 40 hours a week by not having to create manual reports.

Your marketing data will now be available in real-time. You can now make immediate optimizations to your campaigns, and increase your ROI.

You don’t have to waste your time on this marketing task.

Don’t try to do more.

You can read more about fivetran alternatives in order to determine which tool is best suited for your business.


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What is Fivetran, exactly?

What does Fivetran do? Fivetran allows marketers with basic technical knowledge to connect marketing campaign data across multiple platforms in one place. This allows for better analysis and visualization.

Who should use Fivetran

Fivetran’s data collection tools and analysis are especially useful for those with limited or no technical knowledge. Fivetran claims that the software can be set up in just five minutes and needs no maintenance.

Fivetran’s goal? To create software that makes data searching and retrieval easy. After data is collected and stored in the “warehouse”, it can be accessed by running queries.


  • User can make inquiries about data, and the system will collect analysis.
  • Search for stored data in the data storage warehouse with a simple search
  • Excellent data integration


  • Sometimes, the platform is a bit slow and buggy.
  • Marketers may not have ideal integration coverage.
  • The system lacks flexibility
  • There is no option to create batch sizes for your queries
  • Without customer support, problems and issues are difficult to fix
  • It is important to understand how to query data in order to use the software.
  • They don’t offer data visualization
  • The full schema refresh can take 2 to 3 days
  • How much does Fivetran run?

Prices are not displayed on the website. Capterra mentions that the cost starts at $1. However, according to esearch, it can vary between 100 USD and 1300 USD per month. They also offer annual payment discounts. Fivetran will provide accurate pricing information. There is also a free demo to test it out.

Fivetran can be expensive.

But not really. This is an average market price. It is more important to determine your ROI than the cost of an ETL solution if you’re thinking about it.

Fivetran Integrations

Fivetran provides about 100 data connectors. The Fivetran doesn’t have the strongest integration, but they offer the most widely used data integrations.



Top Fivetran Alternatives & Competitors by 2021


What is Stitch, exactly?

Stitch, a developer-focused platform for data collection, makes use of the cloud. Stitch makes it easy to combine data from any source in minutes.

Stitching for whom?

This platform is perfect for startups and small businesses. Data is extracted and loaded into data warehouses. It then gets analyzed with top tools.


Multiple data integration with SaaS products and databases

It’s quick and easy to set up


In the beginning, it can be difficult for users to grasp the interface.

Some integrations might need to be resynchronized from time-to-time

Stitch Pricing

You can choose from a variety plans that range in price, some with customized pricing, starting at $199 per month.

#2. Adverity

What is Adverity, exactly?

Adverity automates data collecting into an integration portal that visualizes campaigns for decision-makers who are data-driven. Data Tap is a tool that improves the platform’s efficiency in reporting, analytics, and reporting.

Learn about the top alternatives to Adverity as well as the top competitors on this market for data aggregation tools.

Adverity is for whom?

Adverity’s efficiency will appeal to marketers who seek a better way to interact with their media and e-commerce platforms.


All data under your control

Data sources can be quickly integrated

Flexible and scalable

200+ data integrations


  • For those who are inexperienced at using data, there is a steep learning curve
  • UX-flow could use some improvement
  • A good grasp of data is necessary to make the most of the platform
  • It is necessary to personalize the UI dashboards.
  • Support and sales staff are mostly based in Europe. Customer service times may vary depending on where your customer is located.
  • Ramp-up time can take many months
  • No database is available – you will need an alternative budget.
  • Adverity Pricing
  • Adverity will provide you with pricing details and demos. Prices are not listed on this website.
  • Adverity Integrations
  • Adverity has 150+ data integrations.


What is Datorama exactly?

Datorama is a platform which specializes in business analytics and business intelligence. Their goal is to help marketers consolidate all their data from multiple platforms into a single destination that offers a view of the whole picture.

Who should use Datorama

Datorama is ideal for highly technical marketing departments or individuals with engineering expertise. SQL knowledge is essential to properly use the tool. The platform focuses on the marketing dilemma. It claims to have every possible data connection (even ones that don’t offer API connectivity ).

Datorama platform has a complex and technical interface. That is my biggest concern. In order to properly set the software up or make any modifications, many teams will need to use an implementation engineer. Once the platform has been set up properly, it’s quite powerful. For some businesses, the software may be too expensive. If you need access to a customer representative, you will have to pay for a premium plan.


The company claims to offer 400 marketing data integrations. However, it is not possible to find a list of them on their website.

It features powerful visualization capabilities


The interface is not very intuitive, which causes a steep learning curve.

You can only view data from the platform’s dashboard. It’s impossible to export, save or view data from the platform in a different BI software.

It can be difficult for an implementation engineer to help you set up campaigns or make modifications.

The company charges customers according to the number of data lines. This can make it very expensive for marketers who have to run several campaigns at once.

Service reps can be hired at an extra charge.

Some metrics were named differently than they appear in source because of the confusing naming conventions.

Datorama Pricing

Datorama prices are determined by data lines. Users who run multiple campaigns can make it quite expensive.

Datorama Integrations

While the company claims to offer 400 marketing integrations in its offerings, it doesn’t have a list on its website.


What is Alooma, you ask?

Alooma is a service that offers a data pipeline. It simplifies SaaS, Cloud and big data integration as well as mobile integration.

Who should use Alooma

Alooma gives data teams control and visibility. The platform brings together data from many sources into a data warehouse. You can prevent data loss and duplicates, and control the entire ETL procedure. The tool offers real-time visualizations as well as code engine, datamapper, and querying.


Data is gathered in real-time.


  • Alooma has limited data integrations.
  • The Alooma Pricing
  • Alooma offers its platform for free. Contact the company to find out the true cost of the platform.
  • Alooma Integrations
  • Alooma allows for fewer integrations than other platforms.


Each of the above-listed software platforms offers different benefits. However, Stitch is our favourite with superior customer support and customizable features. There are also more options for final reporting.

Adverity has the easiest data aggregation/visualization. If you’re still uncertain, you can make a list. Then, read through this review of Fivetran. Improvado. Stitch. Adverity.

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