Top 31 Competitive Intelligence Companies

These competitive intelligence companies will reveal your competitors’ strategies. You can defeat them at your own game and uncover amazing opportunities they may not have considered.

What is Competitive intelligence?

Competitive Intelligence, or CI, is the study and analysis that aims to predict market activity, identify market disruptions, and interpret those events. It’s an integral part of any business strategy. Competitive intelligence provides insight to market dynamics and problems using both published as well as non-published sources.

How to use competitive Intelligence for growth

Competitive intelligence is the analysis of your competition that provides valuable insight to help you beat them. If you do your research on your competitors, you will find valuable information to plan your business strategies more effectively and accelerate your business growth.

First, CI will help you find your real competition. Even though you might believe you know who your competitors are, there is always the possibility that you have overlooked a key competitor.

Competitive intelligence can be used to analyze and find out what’s working for your competitors. You don’t have to follow your competitors; you need to be better than theirs. Learn from your competitors and stay one step ahead.

How Competitive Intelligence can be used

Improvado works hard to help marketing teams collect all their data in a single place. If they use one of the below competitive intelligence companies, this means data about campaigns’ performance and costs, as well as data about customers and information about competitors. All your data is in one place, so no one wastes time building reports or gathering data. This allows you to easily optimize your business and increase your ROI. Our clients and we are strong competitors. Does that sound interesting? Do you find that interesting?

Here’s a list with the best competitive intelligence firms and services…


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Best Competitive Intelligence Companies

1. AIM

Their Approach: Expert researchers & analyst, Best in Class global resources, Insightful analysis and innovative information technology. Customized delivery

Motto: Targeted Information Research

Notable Testimonial – “Without doubt this dynamic group is among the finest information analysts and researchers in the world.” They are adept at finding the needed data regardless of its location.

Mantra: Ready to AIM, Fire

2. Aqute Intelligence

How they are different: Aqute Intelligence performs the most detailed, gritty competitive intelligence using hard facts and cold figures.

Impressive clients: Intel, BBC and Ford, Coca-Cola and Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, IBM

Technology, Financial Services. Retail. Pharmaceuticals.

Notable Quote: “Treat competition intelligence as ammunition.” Aqute informs you in advance of what your competitors are doing. So you can defend yourself or counter-attack.

3. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft, How They Are Different: ScienceSoft takes all of the technicalities off of companies’ shoulders and provides valuable insights that help to make informed decisions.

What Their Analytics Services Offer: They cover the discovery of business needs, service delivery (including regular reporting via a web-based analytics tool, alerting as well as advanced analytics based in machine learning (if applicable), and continuous improvements.

Focal Industries: Manufacturing.

What our clients say: ScienceSoft’s work allows for better data analysis. The team worked quickly and efficiently, and was highly competent in back-end engineering. They had a clear understanding of the scope and the intent of the project. They completed it using robust processes.


Key services: Research and Analysis, Training and Workshops

Mission: To help organizations become the best.

Motto: Competitive Intelligence for Business Growth

Noteworthy Quote: We help you understand your marketplace and competitive environment. This will allow for business growth and success.

5. Cascade Insights

Cascade Insights offers B2B market research and services for marketing that help companies make the most of opportunities in B2B technology.

Impressive Clients: Adobe. Cisco. Citrix. Dell. GE. HP. Microsoft. Salesforce.

Clients have this to say about the team: “The research design, sample analysis, data analysis, and report creation were all excellent. The results were practical, credible, and balanced. It also generated important conversations that ultimately led to the discovery of a problem in our strategy. Cascade Insights was a great tool that I intend to continue using.

Key Industries: Tech, B2B

6. Cipher

Motto: Smarter, quicker business decisions

Key Services : Due Diligence, Competitive & Market Intelligence, Strategy Consulting & Support

Notable Clients – Olympus Grainger, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna

A Noteworthy Testimonial. “Cipher exceeded our expectations to understand all aspects of our industry. Cipher was easy and efficient to work with, and they did valuable research.”

7. CIS

How they differ: “CIS has a reputation for providing evidence-based solutions that address client-specific challenges and problems throughout the value chain.”

What Clients Have to Say: “CIS adheres to the highest ethical standards is not only to commended but essential considering the possible liability of failing take adequate note of this area. I would be happy to recommend CIS for any business.”

8. Clew

How they differ: Clew’s overall approach to research puts a tremendous emphasis upon primary research.

Notable Clients include Microsoft, Nestle and Fidelity.

Mantra: Consulting. Research. Understanding.

Noteworthy Quote – “As a young, ambitious business, we do not aim to become the largest.”

We only want to be the greatest.

9. Competia

Mantra: Look Ahead Act accordingly

Impressive Clients – Air Canada, Ernst & Young. Canon, Estee Lauder. Nestle.

An interesting testimonial: “She grasped quickly the challenges and gave us the tools and research that we needed to fuel our strategic thinking.” Estelle’s three best qualities are competence, competence and competency.

Key Services: Consulting and facilitation; Training; Speaking Engagements

10. DC Analytics

What Makes them Different: DC Analytics is flexible and has the ability to surge for timely, accurate, and nuanced data.

Motto: Open source information exploration and analysis.

What our clients say: “Their professional, effective communication makes everything run smoothly. Their level of organization and attention is simply unparalleled.”

Notable Quote: Our analytic expertise includes market trends identification, international safety, stabilization operation, transnational organised crime, emerging threats and opportunities in telecommunications, analytic modeling construction and evaluation, legitimacy, governance, economic development.

11. Die Denkfabrik

How They are Different: Die Denkfabrik is an acronym that means “the Think Factory”. It is passionately interested in intelligence and assists companies of all sizes with managing competitive issues and driving performance.

Our motto: Intelligence is our passion.

Key Industries

Key Services: Intelligence Coaching and Research and Analysis

12. EMP Intelligence

Key Services: Intelligence & Analysis Strategy Development In-House Training

Notable Quote: “We do in-depth intelligence collection for our clients. We provide high-quality analysis and insights as well as support in developing successful strategies. We help clients increase their skills in competitive analysis.”

Key Industries: Universities and Colleges and private sector companies

Mission: To assist clients in increasing their competitiveness, and profitability.

13. European Agency

How they differ: EASI’s team of web strategy professionals supports clients and helps to make the Web’s role in their company’s overall strategies.

Notable Clients : LG, GlaxoSmithKline Grand Marnier, Banque de France

Communications, Strategic Intelligence and Collaborative Tool, Training are the key services

Motto: Strategy is what we do

14. Fletcher/CSI

Finance & Insurance General, Life Sciences and Technology: Key Practices

Simple Mantra Powerful. Insightful. Intelligence.

Core Principles – Competency, Culture Compatibility, Creativity

Key Services: Strategy Workshops (Primary Research), Strategy Workshops (Strategy Workshops), Trade Show Intelligence, Win/Loss Analyses

15. Fuld & Co

Fuld + Company is Different: Fuld + Company helps its clients navigate disruptions and create concrete strategies to be competitive in the dynamic industry environment.

Their Values include Commitment to Success and Quality & Excellence. Intellectual Curiosity. Honesty. Integrity.

Key Services: Market Insights. Competitive Intelligence. Strategic Planning.

Key Industries: Health Services, Energy, Financial Services, Consumer Products

16. Helicon Group

How They are Different: The Helicon Group is a provider of competitive intelligence knowledge and has published many books about competitive intelligence.

Key Services

Notable Quote: Helicon and its associates have helped to invent Competitive Intelligence. They have not stopped there. Their original thinking and series books have made them world opinion leaders, practitioners and innovators in Competitive intelligence and related fields.

Motto: Competitive Intelligence is the Key to Competitive Advantage

17. I-Intelligence

How They Are Different: i Intelligence is committed to helping clients improve the ability to collect and analyze, manage, share, and communicate information.

Key Industries: Government Institutions. International Organizations. Private Sector Organizations.

Mantra: Acquire. Analyze. Act.

Key Services: Competitive Intelligence. Competitor Monitoring. Social Media Monitor.

18. Info+Daten

How they are different: INFO + DATEN’s core business is to find and analyze information to provide quality insights at a fair price.

Mantra: Intelligence can make you successful

A Noteworthy Testimonial: Udo, his company and I have had a very positive experience. They provided high-quality work that was consistent across the board, something that is not common. Udo’s honesty, reliability and focus on results is evident.

Key Services: Strategic Decision Support, Counter-intelligence, Continuous intelligence Collection

19. Inovis

Their Vision is “Continue building our global leadership position and being an innovative, top-in-class agency for Pharma & IT to guide strategic decision involving market assessments and external competitors.”

IT, Telecommunications. Pharmaceuticals. Life Sciences.

Noteworthy Testimonial. “In the first 30 days, INOVIS was more insightful than what we received over the previous six-months working with another vendor.”

Their Values include: Customer-First Approach, Transparency and Quality.

20. Intelligentsia

Intelligentsia clients are different because they have compelling insights and advice which can help them to grow their businesses and outperform their competition.

Key Industries: Consumer & Retail, Energy, Financial & Professional Services, Healthcare, Technology & Media

Core Values: Integrity and Quality. Partnership.

Key Services: Competitive Intelligence. Competitive Analysis. Competitor Analysis.Market Intelligence. Commercial Due Diligence.

21. Ivy

Mantra: Consulting using Intelligence

Key Services: Competitive Analysis, Due Diligence and Market Analysis. Capability Building

Their Process: Planning, Briefing, Primary Research,Primary Analyses-Delivery Of Strategic Insights – Strategic Decisions

Motto: Facts and decisions from the source.

22. M-Brain

M-Brain has 15 offices around the world and offers unique services based on our own big-data technology.

Impressive Clients: IBM. Nestle. Hitachi. Pfizer. Philips. Samsung. American Express.

Key Services: Market Intelligence & Media Intelligence

Noteworthy Quote: “Our solutions, services and products are tailored to suit a range of business needs regardless function, industry type, or language barriers.”

23. MindShifts

MindShifts and MindShifts: MindShifts Australia is the leading Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Intelligence firm in Australia and a well-respected player in the field of Executive Coaching.

Notable Quote: “We assist individuals and companies in improving the quality of their decisions in both professional and personal life.” We assist our clients in gaining clarity and planning for better outcomes.

Notable Clients – CAT, Ernst & Young and Johnson & Johnson. 3M, Novartis.

Coaching, Strategic Planning Workshops and Mentoring, CI Mentoring, War Games. Keynote Speaker, CI Workshops.

24. Miniera

Miniera’s specialized services include Marketing Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, and Innovation Intelligence.

Key Services: Consulting and Research, Training. Intelligence, Innovation. Analytics.

Important Quote: Miniera conducts specialized studies of organizational environments. The service covers reports on competitors, trends benchmarking, technology and products. There are different scopes.

Spain, Mexico Chile Colombia Brazil Argentina Peru Peru

25. Octopus Intelligence

Impressive Clients – Oracle, Aviva & Owens Corning

What our clients have to say: “Most important, the valuable intelligence was supplied by experienced businesspeople who clearly understand the key issues. Octopus has a unique approach to intelligence. Amazing the intelligence you discovered.”

Key Services: Competitive Intelligence. Competitor Profiling. Product Intelligence. Investment Intelligence. Counter Strike. Board Advisory. Due Diligence.

Notable Quote: Our British military intelligence background combined with MBA-level experience has given us the discipline, process, and tenacity needed to complete the task and leave no stone unturned.

26. Proactive Worldwide

What’s the Difference: Proactive Worldwide, a global consulting, research and decision support firm, provides evidence-based strategy intelligence anchored in primary research.

Notable Awards

Key Services: Intelligence Based, Strategic Planning, Market Intelligence. Customer Insights

Our Core Values include Service, Trust, Ownership. Continuous Improvement, Quality.

27. Quantumiii

How They’re Different: quantumiii has a unique and innovative strategy, leadership risk management and competitive Intelligence consulting practice.

Motto: The Solutions People

Company Culture: Commitment, Trust Relationships

Mission: To be a trusted partner, “with an unwavering commitment to excellence, sometimes brutal honesty, and clear analysis in return to what our clients generously give us.”

28. Rauch Associates

Rauch Associates: How they are different

The key industries: Technology, Retail and Manufacturing, Finance, Health Care, Insurance, and Healthcare

Notable Quote: Rauch Associates believes the best way of getting accurate competitive information is directly to the source.

Key Services: Competitive Intelligence & Market Research

29. Sedulo

Motto: Strategies to increase your competitive edge

Their Methodology: Primary Research, Secondary Research, Strategic Analysis

Notable Quote: Sedulo does not simply represent a catchy nickname; it is the embodiment of our company’s spirit. Sedulo is Latin for “zealous”; it stands for our commitment to client service and product excellence. It also helps our clients keep their eyes on the competition.

Industries served: Life Sciences Technology & Telecom Consumer Products Financial Services Healthcare Professional Services Energy & Chemical Industrial Goods & Services.

30. Sharp Market

Quote: “While you address your specific issues, we often uncover new questions that reflect changes concerning competitors, products or industries that will impact your company. It is difficult to find the information we uncover online.

Impressive Clients – American Express, Macy’s and Nissan. Patagonia, Hilton Hotels, Starbucks.

What clients are saying: “The skillfulness and thoroughness of the research methods you used and your comprehensive results in terms data and information are unparalleled in the industry.”

Motto: Clients are pushed to the limits by our logical thinking.

31. Trinity Square

Trinity Square offers a professional, confidential and highly efficient Competitor Analysis Service.

One of our most memorable testimonials: “The company delivered each stage of the project on-time and far beyond our expectations. They have a great understanding of their business and were able to quickly adapt to our needs. We have already planned to use them again.”

Key Services: Competitor Analysis and Customer Satisfaction surveys

Mantra: Because no company can operate in isolation

32 Tyson Heinz

Their Difference: The Competitive Industry’s legacy can be measured in four decades. They have been the originators of the industry, and are still influencing it today.

One Noteworthy Testimonial – “We’ve not seen research or analysis this deep and of such quality from any other organization.” I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone else.

Key Services

Notable Quote – “We deliver more rigorous and custom-developed market research on your competitors, clients, and customers. This gives us better intelligence that will help you make the best strategic choices for your company.”

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