Top 14 WorkFlowy Alternatives

Workflowy is an amazing organization tool you can use to make interactive lists and outline to assist you with your professional and personal life.

It is list-based text software that lets you make a variety of nested bulleted lists that will help you ensure that your most important thoughts and tasks are saved in a secure manner for the time you need to review them later.

WorkFlowy Alternatives

Workflowy’s description is that it allows you to organize your thoughts into manageable lists. It can also function like a simple outliner, with notes that are inline. It allows for hoisting by one-click (zooming to branches). The online version syncs with mobile applications as well. It is an incredibly popular program within the Office & Productivity category. There are over 100 alternative apps to WorkFlowy to run on various platforms such as Online web-based iPhone, Windows, Mac and Android. The most suitable alternative is Dynalist which is completely free. Other excellent apps similar to WorkFlowy include Notion (Freemium), Microsoft OneNote (Freemium), Zim (Free, Open Source) and Trello (Freemium).

Other features this application offers include:

Navigating features that can be utilized to determine what’s at a high node and the low node on your list.

Search features include filters to ensure that you are able to see precisely what you’re looking for

The program also allows you to choose between bullet or board layout, based on what you’d like to do.

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You can also switch between completed and uncompleted lists so that you are able to be aware of the work you’ve completed

The interactive interface lets you navigate through the entire application from the first page through the last page quite quickly

It also allows users to save a large amount of data quickly and in a way that is organized in order to quickly find the information later on.

Naturally, when an application is packed with features there’s a huge challenge to find the best alternatives However, in this post we’ll accomplish just that.

Without further delay we’ll take a look at the most effective alternatives could be used in place of WorkFlowy in 2021. Also, find out how they might help you than WorkFlowy.

Top 14 Alternatives to WorkFlowy

Let’s examine each of these WorkFlowy alternatives in depth and learn what they can do to be as effective as the application in question.


Todoist is a task management tool that is fast, efficient and simple to use. You can accomplish more each day. Millions of people depend on Todoist to complete their tasks. Todoist helps you organize your tasks wherever you are. From your home. At school. At work. Online. Offline. Also, on 13 devices and platforms.

Todoist is a fantastic WorkFlowy alternative that allows you to create lists of things to do to organize your professional and personal life.

It also functions as a task management application that allows users to clear their minds by offering them a an effective and consistent way to keep track of all the dates, times and hours. It aids them in completing a list of all the tasks they are required to complete.

Key Features

Task management is to ensure that users are aware of the tasks and the processes they have to carry out in their private and professional lives, under the control of

You can also collaborate on the entire work you carry out by using the app.

Create interactive to-do lists that save all of your ideas and tasks you want to keep

Many priorities to ensure that everyone knows what they need to accomplish first, so that your company can gain more value

Project Templates to aid you in starting your project quickly and efficiently


ClickUp is a single app that can take over all of them. The future is in the workplace. It’s more than tasks management ClickUp offers more than just task management – ClickUp includes documents as well as calendars, reminders and goals and even an inbox. It is completely customizable. ClickUp can be used by any type of team. All teams can utilize the same application to plan, organize and work together.


As one of the top tools for managing projects currently available, nTask is an incredible application for making lists that allows you to record your ideas and tasks in order that you can revisit them later , whenever you’d like.

The program also assists you organize your tasks so that everything is prioritised to be faster and more accessible, ensuring that your work and projects will shine.

Key Features

Project management that manages all your projects and the development process

Risk management to ensure that your projects are free of any potential risks and scope creeps

To-do list design to keep track of ideas and tasks about those projects or used for general storage

Time management for managing all activities and processes in accordance with the time they are allocated.


Our software can help clients’ service teams handle their project from beginning to end starting with planning and resourcing their tasks to the execution and reporting. Teamwork’s primary project management system and range of add-ons are designed to support internal teams within our customers as well as their clients and their projects.


Taskade is a complete collaboration tool that’s helpful for remote teams working across the globe. The software allows users quickly capture their thoughts and bring ideas back to the forefront of their minds.

Key Features

Night Mode

Views & Templates

Video & Voice Calls

Push Notifications

Recurring Tasks

Themes & Backgrounds

Due Dates & Reminders

Team Chat

Real-time Syncing

Mobile & Desktop Apps


Smartsheet is a user-friendly online collaboration and project management tool. It is a spreadsheet-like interface, along with workflow and file sharing.


Another application for projects on our list that will aid you in making some unique and interactive lists of tasks is Trello. It is an effective system of organization that is not restricted to tasks and projects.

It’s a great visual tool you can utilize to keep everything you’d like to do before you to finish the work in a matter of minutes.

Key Features

Drag and drop function

Real-time sync

Uploading files is easy and allows for attachments

No cost or no price on the base service

In-line editing

Checklists with a timer and a indicator

Data filtering

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote, part of the Microsoft Office Suite, is an online notebook application that allows users to use one location to store notes and data.

Google Keep

Google Keep is an incredible WorkFlowy alternative that lets you to write notes easily as well as create various checklists and lists of tasks as well as ensures that you don’t skip any reminders you have set for yourself.

The app is a no-cost application that can sync with nearly every device that are around throughout the day.

Key Features

Meeting Notes



Task Tagging

Handwriting Recognition

Notes Management



To-Do List


Zim introduces the idea of a wiki onto your desktop. Keep track of information, create links and edit them using WYSISYG markup, or simply type an easy markup syntax and watch it being displayed while typing.


With all the tools available that are available, it’s difficult to ensure that everyone is on the same level. Notion is the latest tool that unites them all. It’s similar to Google Docs but it’s organized. It’s accessible for your entire team. Real collaboration in real-time.

Notion is a single workspace that handles all your notes, databases, projects, and wikis. It also comes with an adaptable structure, which makes it ideal to manage and create information at a rapid speed.

It is also possible to connect your apps of choice to your concept pages to ensure that you do not face any difficulties in working in several applications simultaneously without any issues.

Key Features

Filters to ensure that you get everything you’re searching for.

Android or iOS apps to ensure that you can use any device is on your body at all times.

Smart notifications will inform you of everything that occurs within the interface

Intelligent Grouping

Question surfacing

Intelligence Layer/Auto learning


Highlighting important emails

Smart Multi-Swiping



A cloud-based award-winning Project Management software aims to aid collaborative teams in organizing and manage small enterprises to huge-scale projects.


When you’re on the go or waiting to get a coffee, you can utilize Asana to record things to do, tasks as well as reminders and ideas. Follow up with colleagues as well as organize projects and tasks for work, or keep track of your to-do lists throughout the day.


Wrike is a complete project management software that can help teams that are located in different locations to accomplish more tasks accomplished together.

WorkFlowy Alternatives & Competitors

WorkFlowy isn’t the only choice for Task Management Software. Look into other options that are competing and alternatives. Other factors to take into consideration when looking for alternative options to WorkFlowy include tasks and projects. We’ve put together the top solutions that have been voted by reviewers as the best alternatives overall and rivals to WorkFlowy such as ClickUp, Todoist, Trello and


These are our top choices for the top WorkFlowy alternatives you could utilize in 2021. Like every other app on the market there is a chance that you be of a different opinion about these options since there aren’t any apps that are perfect for every person.

If you think that you may have an application you would like to include in the article and listed within our Table of Contents contact us, and we’ll check the application as soon as possible and determine the possibility of whether it is worthy to be included in the article.

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