Top 10 Marketing Dashboards for Performance Analysis

Digital marketing initiatives generate a lot of data, from high-level revenue reporting to channel-specific KPIs and program-specific KPIs. This information is necessary for calculating ROI and campaign performance. However, it can be difficult to understand.

Without a reliable method of collecting data, you can’t evaluate your current marketing plan and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

10 Marketing Dashboards to Visualize Performance

Digital marketing campaigns produce a lot data. This includes high-level revenue reporting, program-specific metrics, and channel-specific metrics. Although this data is essential for measuring campaign effectiveness and ROI, it can be difficult to comprehend.

Marketers can use as many as a dozen tools to track program performance and activity levels. However, they still have a limited understanding of how marketing initiatives relate to business goals.

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Investments in different tools can cost money and don’t produce actionable intelligence. While marketing can have large budgets for data analytics, most marketers use less than one third of the data available to them to make strategic decisions.

Marketing dashboards are essential to the success of any marketing team. These dashboards not only collect all data and campaign results that have had an impact on a company, but also help you to improve your plan.

What is a Marketing Dashboard? How does it work?

A marketing dashboard is a data visualization tool that allows a company to collect, analyze, and visualize all data related to its marketing operations. Full marketing dashboards allow you to gather all data about your campaign and then distribute it to marketing staff in an easy-to understand manner.

A successful marketing dashboard will include statistics that measure the impact of a company’s marketing strategy on the marketplace and the performance of marketing activities.

It is a good idea to incorporate metrics from different marketing platforms and data sources such as Google AdWords ads and email campaigns. Additionally, metrics from different social media sites are important.


Sisense, a business intelligence software program, provides market insight and analytic solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses. It’s a fully functional business Intelligence software solution that allows anyone to combine multiple data sources, create dashboards, visualize data, and share it with others.

You can use the program’s data visualization tools to visualize data, including line charts to determine trends and pie charts to compare results. A DBA is not required to administer the system, create new scripts and maintain manual mashups.

Sisense’s drag and drop interface makes it easy to perform BI analyses. This interface makes it possible to manage business intelligence internally, which saves you money on hiring a technical staff member or paying for expert services.


  • Database Elasticube (speeds performance up to the terabyte scale).
  • Access Controls
  • Alerts automatically
  • Refreshes scheduled
  • Connectors built-in
  • Eye-catching visual design
  • Data can be exported in PDF, Excel, Images or CSV.


Grow, a cloud-based data visualization software that allows customers to get insights from their data and use them to improve their businesses, is available through the Cloud. It was created by the vendor to help small and medium-sized businesses access actionable insights.

Grow makes it easy for organizations to be data-driven and helps them accelerate their growth. Grow’s data dashboards allow you to easily combine data from hundreds of sources including databases and spreadsheets.

Grow can also be used to interact with other applications such as Shopify, HubSpot and QuickBooks Online. The data consultants of this tool assist users in setting up their data dashboards and solving any problems that might arise.


  • Mobile access
  • More than 150 integrations
  • Visual editors need not code
  • There are no limits to the number of people
  • Indefinitely receive real-time data updates


Domo allows users to see real-time data from one dashboard. It is easy to use and visually appealing, allowing businesses to take informed decisions based on the information gained. You can combine different data sets using standard SQLs or you can build your own models that combine local and cloud data. Businesses also have access to many social sharing tools to increase online discussion. Employees can share and comment on results.


GoodData offers cloud-based big data solutions for companies of any industry. GoodData’s platform allows for the analysis of large data sets in a secure, scalable and reliable way. It’s useful for companies looking to gain insight into their marketing, sales, or customer service performance. GoodData’s platform can store, analyze and visualize data and allow users to share it. The platform’s data visualization and reporting features are customizable and easy to use.


HubSpot, a complete CRM platform, includes everything you need to grow your business.

The HubSpot makes it easy to create customized dashboards and reports within seconds. It links your CRM contact, business, deal, and data to your marketing, sales and service data. This makes it easy to create reports that answer complex inquiries.

To make the custom report maker even more powerful, you can import data directly into HubSpot with custom objects, and also link your favorite apps via the HubSpot App Marketplace.


Qlik Sense, Qlik’s next-generation platform to support self-service oriented analysis, is Qlik Sense. It supports all analytics use cases, including self-service visualization, exploration, guided analytics apps, dashboards, custom, embedded analytics, mobile analytics, reporting, and more, all within a multicloud architecture. Qlik Sense uses the patented Qlik Associative Engine, which allows all users to freely explore information without being restricted by query-based tools.


Cyfe, a web-based dashboard for companies that integrates data from finance, marketing, sales and other sources, is free to use. You can use the dashboard with up to five data sources.

Enterprises with more complicated requirements can still subscribe to the subscription edition (unlimited data and exports, user accounts, public URLs etc.). Cyfe may also provide access to many services such as Moz site analytics and keyword ranking data.


  • Premium edition has no data limitations
  • Modem TV
  • Branding customization
  • Archiving historical data
  • Displays by Cohort
  • Integration with more than 60 services
  • Useful data


Looker is a unified Platform for Data which delivers actionable business insight to all employees at the point where they are making a decision, Looker integrates data in users’ daily workflows to enable organizations to get value from data at a web scale. Dashboards let you place multiple graphs or tables on one page so you can quickly see related content. Interactive dashboards can be made interactive so users can filter down to the data they are most interested in.


Tableau is an online data visualization tool that can be used on-premises or online. Because of its innovative platform and solid foundation, Tableau is a leader within the area of business intelligence.

The application provides beautiful graphs and charts, affordable pricing, and many real-time data source options. Tableau also has a vibrant community that connects to everything, from GitHub to Twitter.

The connections community also publishes open-source documentation that allows Tableau users to connect to as many data sources possible. If your data connection is not available, you can create it yourself or with the assistance of a developer.

  • Community-provided data connectors library
  • Accessible public data sources
  • Analytics embedded
  • High-tech visuals
  • Software updates are a regular occurrence


Marketo offers multi-channel campaign management, inbound marketing solutions, lead management software and customer analysis. It also provides landing page tools, behavior tracking and CRM integration to help companies generate more revenue. Marketo’s automated software for marketing is designed to seamlessly integrate with other applications, including email marketing, sales insight, social marketing, analytics, marketing management, and analytics.

Marketing Dashboards: The Beauty of Marketing Dashboards

Marketing dashboards combine data from multiple sources in real-time and present it in one place. They give a quick overview of campaign performance, providing both marketing professionals and C-level executives with a single source for truth and the ability to drill deeper for more investigation.

Market dashboards place a lot of emphasis on reporting. They employ dynamic visual aids such as charts, graphs and heat maps, scatter plots, timelines and other visual aids. Plain text and graphs to illustrate key performance indicators (KPIs), and other data points. These are some examples of common examples:

  • Revenue by channel or program
  • Potentialities and opportunities
  • Conversion rates
  • Lead pipeline/lead-to-cash flow
  • Geographic data (based upon IP address)
  • Demographic/firmographic trends
  • Source tracking (organic, paid media and site referral)
  • Metrics for content engagement (visitors and open rate, click through rate, bounce rate)
  • Attribution modeling (how different touchpoints influence customer journey)
  • There are exceptions, but there are two main ways to see marketing dashboards.

Standalone Business Intelligence Dashboards: The dashboards will be purchased separately. The app will draw data from any source you give it, including your website, CRM, social media profiles, Adwords accounts, and marketing automation platforms. Because they are focused on business intelligence and draw from multiple sources, standalone tools often provide a better, more comprehensive view. However, they can be expensive.

Marketing automation (MAP) platform: The dashboards integrated into a marketing automation platform provide more detailed, granular views on specific campaign elements. However, it may take some critical thinking to put together at a high level. This system is free of charge, assuming that you already have marketing automation software.

Marketing Dashboard Factors that Will Help You Succeed

Common characteristics will be shared by the best marketing dashboards. These are the attributes you should look for in a marketing solution.

Easy to customize: Marketing dashboards can be easily customized to reflect your business priorities as well as your role within the department. You can customize dashboards with many platforms by simply dragging and dropping widgets onto your interface. Managers and executives may have access to higher-level data that is restricted by role-based access controls.

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Mobile-friendly: It’s rare to find marketers who work only from their office. Access to real-time information is essential whether you are at work, at a conference or just catching up after-hours from home. Do not invest in a marketing platform that isn’t optimized for mobile — either via a native app, which is often preferred, or at the very least a mobile web interface.

Scalable: The dashboard is scalable, which means it can grow as your data projects become more resource-intensive and larger. This means that the dashboard can easily handle a variety of data sources. You should have flexible APIs that allow for custom integration as well as out-of-the box compatibility with important systems like your CRM, ERP, or accounting software.


Marketing dashboards that measure key data and KPIs are crucial for staying ahead in the market and marketing your business or organization. These dashboards will help you make decisions and budget, and determine if your strategies are working.

These digital marketing dashboards can help you save time and improve your results.

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