Want to attract customers? Here’s Why Social Video Marketing Is The Answer

It is crucial to find innovative ways to differentiate your brand in today’s highly competitive market. While some marketers jump on to new marketing forums, others use trending content formats like videos. Social Video Marketing isn’t new but it is still one of the most powerful content formats available in the virtual world. Video marketing engages people beyond the written text. This makes it a great fit for audiences that don’t have enough time to read through lengthy paragraphs.

The rise in the popularity of videos has prompted social media platforms to jump on the bandwagon. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all have videos integrated into their platforms to draw more people. Social video marketing can be used by brands to increase awareness and generate leads. You can also create demos or trials to inspire marketing-related actions and share brand stories.

Video marketing is a rich and visual medium that can be used in digital strategies. We will be highlighting six benefits of social video marketing that can help customers attract and increase business profitability.

Brand Identity Enhancement

Brand building and video marketing go hand in hand. Creating impactful videos can help build brand identity. This can increase awareness, attract the attention of the audience, and position your brand to be an authority. This requires you to think beyond the promotional videos. You might be able to host webinars that discuss specific topics. You can also publish podcasts to YouTube to increase your online reach and draw more viewers. YouTube is second only to Google in terms of search engines.

Videos allow you to give your audience a closer and more intimate look at your product. Video scripts can be used to create hype and draw attention. Make sure to only cover the real-life applications of your product in your video.

Users are more engaged

Video is undoubtedly the most flexible and convenient content format. Videos can be a great learning tool, as well as being easy to consume. In today’s busy lives, people don’t have the time or patience to read detailed product descriptions. Videos could be a great way to learn more about the products and services of brands. To fully grasp how to use an app, product, or equipment, users can follow the step-by-step instructions.

The bottom line is that interactive videos will get more engagement from users. These are some ways to increase user engagement and draw customers.

Do your customers ask questions all the time? Answer questions in video format if they are. It is possible to address their concerns, clarify any unclear detail, and post a follow up. This will help people feel part of your video community.

Live video streams are a great way for audiences to interact. Live video streams allow you to see the reactions and comments of viewers as you record them, which promotes direct communication.

To answer customers’ questions, share videos on your social media profiles. If someone has trouble assembling the product post a video.

Search Engine Rankings Boosted

Google added video content, infographics and the use of illustrations to its website ranking factors a few years ago. If you add a video to your website, it will automatically improve its ranking potential. Having videos on your website can also increase the dwell time. This is the amount of time that visitors spend on the site. An increase in user activity signals to search engine bots that your website has valuable content, further improving the rankings.

You must optimize YouTube videos for SEO. To grab viewers’ attention, you can create appealing titles and descriptions. You can also create backlinks that lead to your website for potential customers. To ensure your website’s top ranking on search engine results pages (SERP), make sure you include targeted keywords in the title.

Builds trust and credibility

Marketers tend to limit their video campaigns only to promotional purposes, without realizing that there’s more to them. Video campaigns provide a platform for sharing your brand’s mission, identity, and goals. Share your brand’s story with users and explain how you came up the business idea. These stories may not only highlight services and products, but they can also build a relationship with the audience. This story positions you as a credible and trustworthy brand, while drawing a large portion of the audience.

Videos can include stories about employees and customers to help make your brand more relatable. Sharing customer testimonials on your website can help build trust. Customers who recommend your brand to others are more likely than not to purchase from your company.

Encourages social sharing

Wyzowl reports that 72% of users will share a brand video if they find the content entertaining. You can increase traffic to your site by creating videos that encourage social sharing. Optimize for auto-play on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Facebook. Your video will automatically start playing on users’ screens when they scroll down to their newsfeeds. To grab users’ attention quickly, however, be sure to include the brand message within the first few seconds.

Also, you should try to establish an emotional connection with your viewers. Videos that are emotionally appealing to viewers can inspire people to share them with friends and family. This increases the likelihood that people will click on your call-to-action. To create ads that are emotionally charged, you can look to Google, Lewis, and Volvo for inspiration.

Attracts mobile users

More than 90% of consumers now watch videos on mobile devices. This is because they enjoy watching videos on the move. The video audience will continue to grow as more smartphone users get smarter. To attract more customers, brands should capitalize on this trend. Mobile users should not only be able to see video demos or trials but also have a personal experience. Mobile users may be able to have more options when it comes to the content they consume.

  • These are some social video marketing tips that can be used to draw mobile users.
  • Keep the video under 15 seconds, as millennials are more responsive to micro ads.
  • Make sure the video is short and precise. If the second video becomes too long, viewers will scroll down your feed.

To make your video visually appealing, you need to pay close attention to colors, fonts, overall tone, and sound quality. These elements help to keep the brand’s message consistent and establish authority.

Last words

Although video marketing has been around for decades now, it is much more modern. Video content has become easier to access for brands of all sizes and budgets thanks to social networking sites. Marketers can now promote engaging and compelling video content to reach a wider, global audience. Because video content is easier to consume, customers of the new age are more likely to engage with it.

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