25 Best Free WordPress Redirect Plugins

If you are reading this article, you probably have your own website built with a WordPress theme. And if you’ve owned the site for a while, you probably think about or have already removed some of its content. But do you know what people on your site see on the page you deleted when they try to find it on the internet? I’m sure you’ve done a bit of research and heard of things like 301, 301, or 307 redirects, but don’t know what their differences are or where and how they should be used. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best WordPress redirect plugins so that you can learn more about the different types of redirects and redirect methods on your WordPress site.
The website address changes to a new one that you created or that already existed when you redirected your website URL. In this way, when a user clicks on a specific link address that they want to redirect, they are presented with the redirected URL instead of the original one. Redirects also help your site with SEO in situations like broken links and spam logs. However, it can take about a month for search engines to approve redirects. It depends solely on the algorithms used by search engines.

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20 Best WordPress Security Plugins– Protect Your Website

Before we look into some WordPress security plugins, let’s start with an example.Let’s say you are buying a new home. This exciting new investment requires a huge down payment that you’re probably not used to spending. And of course, there is a verification fee before buying. Then comes the mortgage and insurance payments that come straight out of your pocket.

This initial investment alone is enough to protect your site from the start. But more importantly, you make sure you don’t forget to protect the potential money you will earn in the future.

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35 Best Free Folder Mockups PSd

If you are looking for the easiest way to present your folder design, here is a collection of folder layouts PSD that are perfect for your presentation. Whether you’re a corporate identity designer, branding project, or online presentation, always make sure your design shots are of the highest quality.
Presentation folders are used to organize documents and are an important fixed element for businesses/businesses. When designing a company’s corporate identity, it is often necessary to present it in a variety of layouts, including notebooks, business letters, business cards, and presentation folders. You even need to create vivid presentation folders to suit your company’s needs.

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How to Set Up Google Analytics – 3 Easy Ways Add To WordPress

How to Set Up Google Analytics?

I’ll show you how to install Google Analytics for your WordPress website I’ll show you three different methods so you can get up and running quickly so if you’re ready let’s get started the first thing you want to do is you want to make sure that you have Google Analytics set up and if you don’t we can go to analytics that google.com and first it’ll want you to sign in to your Google account if you don’t already have one then you’ll want to go a head and create one.

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30+ Best Free ICON Packs for Web Developers & Designers

Icons play an important role in making a first impression on your site or application interface. However, developing from scratch can be time consuming and expensive. You can use the icons on your site to communicate effectively with your visitors. Icons are small graphic elements on your website that help users navigate pages. With the importance of icons in mind, we have previously introduced different types of icon sets, including weather icon sets, smiley icon sets, and medical icon sets. Best of all, everything is free to use. However, to download the icon set files, you need to go to each of the different sources. Overall, there are hundreds of icons here, and you’ll be sure to find what you need.

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