9 Easy Way To Fix The HTTP Error When Uploading Images To WordPress

There are some things that are more frustrating than vague WordPress HTTP image upload errors. A common issue you may encounter when adding files to your WordPress media library. if you get an HTTP error when uploading images to WordPress then here are Best solutions to fix it.

Clear your browser cache

The browser cache memory is responsible for storing data from previously visited websites. The purpose behind the cache is to reduce load times over frequently visited sites, but over time it will stop working.

Not only will your browser slow down, but your personal information will likely be compromised. For the browser to use, Clear your browser’s cache before trying other solutions. It can be a temporary error, so you can wait a few minutes before uploading the file again.

Check Your Login Session Has Expired

Check if your login session has expired usually WordPress lets you know when your login credentials expire so you can re-enter them however this message doesn’t always appear all you need to do is reload the page and if WordPress prompts you to input your credentials then retry your image upload and see if the error persists.

Optimize & Resize The Image File

Optimize or resize the image file WordPress doesn’t support files with special characters or language accents in their names if your image includes any try renaming it in some cases you might need to optimize the image you do something like tiny PNG this tool compresses your files to decrease their size and it’s a simple way to cut down on your website’s loading times and might fix your issue finally you could try resizing your image which you can dousing your preferred photo editing platform at that point try re uploading your photo and see if the issue persists.

Rename the file & retry

Another simple solution is to make sure the filename does not contain special characters. Remove punctuation marks such as semicolons and apostrophes. Then upload the file again.

Increase Your Site’s PHP Memory Limit

increase your site’s PHP memory limit your server might not have enough memory to add more files to your site as a rule of thumb you want yours to be at least 256 megabytes the easiest way to do this is to access your website’s root folder and open up the WP dash config dot PHP file look for the line that reads that’s all stop editing then add the following code.

The easiest way to do this is to add the following code to your wp-config.php file.

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' );

So you can copy and paste save your changes and try re-uploading your image if the issue persists your hosts may be overriding the settings at a server level in that case you might need to contact support for further assistance.

Check your PHP version

If you are using the latest PHP version. Install the free Display PHP Version plugin to see what PHP version your site uses. Add a new dashboard widget that shows the current version of PHP.

Verify Your Upload Folder Permissions

verify your upload folder permissions every folder in your WordPress installation uses what are called permissions that means there are strict instructions in place or who can access modified or execute scripts in the files each directory contains navigate to your WP dash content directory find the uploads folder right click on it and select the file permissions option in the resulting window check if you have read write and execute permission the corresponding numeric value should be 755 if you don’t select the correct checkboxes or set the value to 755 and click on the ok’ button then try uploading your image again.

Troubleshoot For A Plug-in & Theme Conflict

troubleshoot for a plug-in or theme conflict there are two ways you can troubleshoot this problem but be sure to backup your site before you do anything navigate to your plugins list in your WordPress dashboard and disable them one by one testing if you can upload images between each you could also try changing your theme and seeing if that works if your theme or a specific plug-in is behind the HTTP error then you’ll have to remove it from your site you can then replace it with an alternative or attempt to contact the developer about resolving the conflict and finally.

Contact Your Web Host

At this point I have contacted the web host and exhausted the options to open a ticket and start a live chat or call the web host to help track the cause of the HTTP error when uploading the image Please check if WordPress.

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