How To Stop Google Analytics From Tracking Your Own Blog Visits

Then you may be making use of Google Analytics to trace just how site visitors are getting together with your internet site and where they result from if you’re owning an internet site

But are you aware as being a check out it additionally tracks you too and count it

For this reason it totally ruined my analytics which are google because whenever we make modifications to my web log however had to check out my weblog to see if the modifications had taken place or perhaps not, and every time i actually do this Google Analytics count it as being a check out

Therefore, i needed to prevent Stop Google Analytics From Tracking my visits, and I also discovered ways to do that by the addition of a filter in Google Analytics that may exclude visits from the internet protocol address that is specific

Therefore in this website post, i’ve talked about how exactly to do that.

How exactly to Stop Google Analytics From monitoring your Blog that is very own visits

1) first, you must know your internet protocol address which you yourself can effortlessly manage by visiting
Finding Ip

2) once you find your ip, get on your Google Analytics account and go through the “Admin” menu situated at the end regarding the part that is left-hand
Google Analytics Admin Menu

3) beneath the account area choose filters that are‘All and then press “+Add Filter“
Stop Google Analytics From monitoring your Blog that is very own visits

4) Now offer a real title for the filter like ‘Exclude My IP’ or such a thing you love

5) For filter kind choose Predefined

6) Through the dropdown, choose filter type choose ‘Exclude’, from choose location or supply choose ‘Traffic Through the IP Address’ and from choose phrase choose ‘That Are Equal To’
Stop Google Analytics From Tracking My Visits

7) Now enter your ip in the supplied press and area ‘Save’

Note:- there might be several ip because your ip may alter every time you hook up to the online world therefore because of this, you are able to recognize the absolute most IP that is typical and produce a different filter for every of those.


Excluding your ip is amongst the simplest how to Stop Google Analytics From monitoring your Blog that is very own visits

Therefore from now, you are getting analytics being accurate of the web site

Hope you discover this helpful plus in the remark part when you have any question regarding this, it is possible to ask me personally

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