How Much Does It Cost To Develop A React Native Mobile App?

With the development of technology, creating applications with a lower budget is becoming simpler. Many entrepreneurs are seeking answers to build an app with a minimal cost. In the event of a satisfactory answer, we recommend “React Native” as the most efficient mobile app development framework that allows you to create mobile apps at a low cost.

Since Facebook is launching on the market of frameworks for application development, React Native’s popularity has reached its highest point due to its extensive and diverse selection of widgets and tools. Some of the biggest firms like Skype Uber, Skype, Tesla seemed to choose React Native as a framework to develop their applications.

The reasons why businesses choose React Native App Development?

Facebook developed React Native with the purpose of reducing the development cost. React Native is integrated with JS library which serves as the basis for the development of the app’s UI.

So, whether you’re an React Native app developer or web developer, both of them can enhance the library quickly and alter the look and feel of the application that provides an experience that is native to the user.

The best feature of React Native is that an app development company can utilize it to create an easy, efficient quick application for a variety of operating systems using a single JS codebase. Apart from that, as an JS platform, the framework allows developers to create Native and authentic embedded applications that work on both Android as well as iOS.

Many businesses prefer to create React Native apps just due to their open source, cross-platform capabilities. With help from Facebook React Native can also be utilized to create iOS, Android, macOS TVOS, AndroidTV, and Windows platforms-enabled applications. Some other reasons developers and entrepreneurs choose React Native app development include:

1. Reduced time for expeditions.

With a single codebase React Native programmers are able to develop applications for a variety of platforms. It also reduces the travel time, making it a more affordable choice.

2. The Cross-Platform feature and the Code Sharing

As React Native boasts cross-platform development, businesses don’t require spending on more resources. Developers only need a few abilities to create apps that work on various platforms with React Native.

3. Simple User Interface

Business owners appreciate the benefits of the flexibility and ease of the React Native framework. And they would like to give their customers the same advantages. With React, users can experience a seamless and smooth user experience. Native applications are fluid and responsive and load fast.

4. Lesser Workforce and Resources

As opposed to other similar native apps, React Native needs lesser resources and manpower. A QA professional, two app developers, a creative designer, and a project manager are able to complete the project. However, if you wish to create a native app and increase the number of developers.

5. Community Assistance to the Community

As React Native is an open-source framework, developers is able to access React Native documents for free. The help from a worldwide community is perhaps the biggest advantage.

6. In-Built elements and reusable codes

It is possible to reduce development time and costs since you can use up to 90 percent of React Native codes between Android and iOS apps.

7. Hot Reload

React Native enables developers to cut down on time while creating projects since they can immediately make modifications to their code and immediately reflect them without the need to download the file.

8. JavaScript as a programming Language

When using React Native, the React Native framework, developers must utilize JavaScript which is among the most rapidly developing and widely utilized programming languages.

9. Easy to execute updates

Developers can update their React Native app without downloading it, and thus save lots of time.

These are special features and advantages which help make React Native favorable for any kind of app development.

After you have learned about the benefits of the React Native framework, you may want to know the cost of creating an React Native app, right? If so it is important to know the various factors which play a significant factor in determining what React Native app development cost.

If you’ve thought of building an application using react native, then you should know the price. In this article, we will inform you the estimated price to build the react native mobile application.

In India it can cost anywhere from $15-$25 to create mobile apps by using react-native. However, the price varies based on a variety of factors like complexity, authorization and design features, maintenance, place of operation, and much more. Let’s review of these cost-determining aspects.

1. Complexity

It is contingent on how much you’d like to increase the complexity of your application by including advanced features, designs and more. There are different degrees of difficulty. The most important factors in complexity are:

* Deployment of the architecture mode: In the case of backend development, there are two choices available:

1. Custom and

2. BaaS.

With Baas it is possible to have access to pre-designed backend architecture and, with the option of customization, users can personalize their architecture. It also raises the complexity.

* Development of the admin panel: Adding this panel lets entrepreneurs keep track of every activity and then update on the basis of the activity. These functions add an extra degree of complexity.

* Third-party integration application permitting integration with third party providers adds additional features to any application, such as payment gateways or third-party logins, and many more. This can increase the complexity of the application.

All of these factors are crucial in determining the complexity of your application. The more you include options, the higher the costs you will save.

2. Categorization

The type of app is a key factor in determining the cost. If you’re looking to develop an app that has the simplest features, like calculator apps or an alarm app , the cost won’t rise as these apps aren’t requiring any complexity. If you’re planning to build a sophisticated eCommerce application, the cost will increase based on the level of complexity.

3. User authorization feature

If you are looking to make your application slightly more user-friendly one, then it should have features such as authorization for users that allow users to sign into. The addition of this feature is likely to cost more than a simple application without a user authorization.

4. App designing

“Look doesn’t really matter” however in this instance it is the looks that matter. If you are looking to draw more people to download your application, you need to make it look good. This could involve logos, animations, the like. So, enhancing your app’s appearance will likely increase the price to create an React Native app. However, it is worth considering that React Native is much cheaper to create than other application development frameworks.

5. Maintenance and upgrading

The price limit does not end when you launch an application. Keep in mind that your app requires timely upgrade to maintain its image and position among users.

In order to maintain an app, it is important to concentrate on three key processes:

1. Update

2. Modification to the design

3. Corrections to bugs.

Each of these processes can cost around 20% of the estimated building of your app.

6. Add-ons

If you’re looking to build a product that is geared towards customers, it is possible to connect your app with other social media platforms or create additional options to facilitate this. These add-ons will raise the cost of creating a React Native mobile app.

Factors that determine the cost of developing an app for React Native

If you’re an entrepreneur or start-up and searching for an affordable app creation, React Native is one of the best options on the market.

But, as with estimation of costs for other app development it’s not easy to reveal the real React Native app development cost. It is a fact that the React Native app development cost is heavily dependent on the app’s complexness and requirements of the business.

Furthermore, the per-hour developer’s costs can differ depending on the location of the developer as well as experience and. Therefore, the most important problem is “How much will it cost to develop an React Native app?” Let’s look at the factors that determine the final price for React Native app development!

1. The design of the app’s UI/UX

The way an app operates and how it appears to users can be a major factor in its value and its performance. The design of mobile apps incorporates the two UI as well as UX and they help keep users interested in the application for an extended period.

An application that guarantees seamless switching from one screen to the next will ensure a positive user experience and efficient flow.

User experience and screen designs may be directly related to React Native app-building costs. React Native offers different UI elements that let you create user-friendly and visually stunning apps without having to write code right from the beginning.

2. Authorization for Users

It’s less expensive when you decide to build an React Native app with no authentication or login.

In the event that you have to include features for user authorization and features, the price of creating React Native apps would be just a bit more expensive than apps that do not require any type of role-based authorization.

3. Complexity of the App and Functionality

If you’re trying to figure out the duration and cost for you React Native app development project be aware that the duration and development costs heavily depend on the functionality of your app and the level of complexity. The number of features available as well as their novelty and their complexity could increase the price of development.

An easy application that has MVP is inexpensive and is able to be done in less time while a more complex application that is equipped with modern technology can take longer and will cost you more.

This is the reason apps are categorised into 3 distinct categories, which include medium complexity, high complexity, and low. Furthermore, the complexity of apps is determined by the following elements including:

The In-App Purchase option: Should you are able to offer more options for purchase in the app the app’s is more complex.

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Deployment Architecture Model: the realm of development backend, App development companies can choose between custom and BaaS. Clients can choose their own mobile application architecture with the custom option, whereas BaaS must use a an already-designed backend structure.

Development of the Admin Panel If you choose an administration panel that is more feature-rich it will mean that the complexity of the application will rise and this will affect the cost in a logical way.

Third-Party Integration: In order to create an app that is user-friendly it is necessary to integrate third-party plugins to allow your application to work with other apps’ functions. Integration of third-party plugins in React Native app development is somewhat more complicated than the Native process of developing apps.

Legacy Integration: The app’s older integration is contingent on the kind of app you’re planning to create. Determine if you’d like to integrate it into an enterprise system or can work on its own without integration. In default, the application type is classified as moderate to high-level complexity.

If you are looking to cut your time and money customizing features and functions for your app You must choose an app development company with proven expertise as well as experience and a experience in building React Native apps in a suitable timeframe.

4. App Development Team

You can find firms that develop apps with a variety of experience levels. Employing a skilled app development firm to work with you on your idea is vital in the event that you are planning to spend a substantial amount of dollars. The cost will be lower should you decide to choose a smaller or less skilled firm.

The experience of the client is a major cost-producing element in this case. If you’re uncertain about choosing between freelancers and companies that develop The best advice is to think about choosing the right company to complete the project within a specified time frame. They are experienced and are able to handle complicated projects in a certain timeframe.

app development team banner

5. App Maintenance

The cost of developing your app does not stop once you have launched the application. it is necessary keep it updated regularly to ensure that users are satisfied. It can help increase the level of engagement and retention. In the case of maintaining the app, adhere to these three specific steps:

  • Design alters
  • App updates
  • App bug fixes

The estimate of the cost of maintaining the app is usually estimated annually at 20 percent of the overall React Native app development cost.

6. App Add-ons

While the React Native framework enables you to develop highly attractive applications, however, if you want to build client-centric applications, you can offer add-ons to the framework, or even integrate it with social media platforms.

But, customizing the extensions to apps could increase the cost of an app and, in the end the integration of add-ons depends on the needs of your customer and preferred.

7. App Distribution

When calculating the costs for React Native app development, remember to estimate the costs of distribution.

Google Play Store and App Store both charge $100 to cover the cost of licensing for the creator. Additionally, you may need consent from the host on security guidelines.

8. Where is the Development Company

The location of the agency for the development of apps also plays an important role in determining React Native app development costs.

The location

If you plan to contract a React Native App Development Company You may discover that businesses in Australia, as well as the USA, are more expensive than Easter-themed countries. This is why you can choose the outsourcing option in order to reduce costs.

9. App Category

App components such as functions, real-time user types, and security concerns determine the app’s category. If the app is more complex than is required, it can increase the development costs for the app.

For example, a standalone app such as the calculator or timer isn’t more expensive than a food delivery service or eCommerce app.

10. Hardware

The complex nature of the React Native app increases in the event it is dependent on the hardware.

For instance, to build an IoT application using the React Native framework, you have to invest more in developing any other native application.


Many companies are now moving towards React Native. React Native framework for seamless development of applications. If you are looking for a low-cost development of your app, React Native is the most suitable choice. Be sure to adhere to the tips in this article to determine the best React Native app development cost.

FAQs on React Native Application Development

What are the reasons why businesses select React Native app development?

Businesses select React Native for many reasons like low development costs native-like design, simplified User Interface, Reusable Codes Better community support, etc.

How much does React Native App cost?

The cost of developing an app that reacts natively depends on several factors such as the app’s category, design complexity, number of features, the location of the company that develops it, maintenance and so on.

Does React Native a good choice to develop apps?

It’s true, React Native is a excellent choice for developing apps since React apps are quicker to develop and offer superior quality over hybrid apps. Additionally, React Native is a solid cross-platform framework that is well-established.

In addition, different factors determine the overall cost of creating a React Native mobile application. React native is more preferable not only because of its affordable costs, but for its versatility, which helps save the time needed for creating an app, and it provides an easy transfer process and community support, among others. In addition, if you do not want to be at the center of all these issues, you can employ developers from companies that develop mobile apps such as Tech Client.

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