10 Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions

Search Engine Optimization tools differ greatly from each other. Some offer better keyword selections, others provide better-linked data, and some even have better technical suggestions. There are many Search Engine Optimization software that you can utilize for your own benefit.

Here are the top 10 SEO chrome extensions that you can get for free.

Moz chrome extension

This Chrome Extension uses a concept called domain authority. It indicates that the higher a domain authority is, the higher your position on a search engine browser. This Chrome Extension will inform you about the authority of each page and its page authority. This tool is extremely useful when you are looking for competitors on the internet. It can quickly show you where you stand and the most authoritative pages.

Ubersuggest chrome extension

This chrome extension allows viewing keywords data from Google search result pages. It also displays related keywords under people also searched for options. This information allows you to easily run keyword research right from the SERP.

Similar Web chrome extension

Every website wants more traffic, but this does not always mean that they will make more money. This Chrome extension can help you predict how much traffic your website will receive. This Chrome extension lets you access traffic data instantly without needing to return to the source. You can also find information about bounce rate and average pages per visit.

Redirect path chrome extension

This extension is one the most widely used technical Search Engine Optimization tool. This extension will let you know if there is a problem with your URL. This extension can be used to quickly check if the redirect works correctly or is broken.

Buzzsumo chrome extension

Facebook is a popular source of traffic. It can drive large amounts of traffic to your website. While surfing the internet, you will come across articles. Some will be similar to your competitor’s sites. It is important to find out if the article was helpful enough for the visitor. This extensions tool allows you to track how many times a particular article was shared via social media. It also shows how many backlinks it has received. This information will help you to determine the content you wish to create for your business.

Meta SEO Inspector chrome extension

This Chrome extension tool allows you to quickly check if all your Meta tags are correct and detect any errors that could cause traffic loss.

Check out My Links chrome extension

This is similar to redirect route extension. This will allow you to spend more time researching your competition and technical Search Engine optimization. Your search engine results will be better if you have as much data as possible. External links can boost your ranking.

Pagespeed Insights chrome extension

Your ranking in search engines can be affected by the loading time of your pages. Most search are done via mobile devices so you’ll need to speed up your load times. This extension can help you quickly determine what needs to be improved on your website in order to reduce your load time.

SEO Minion chrome extension

This extension is also useful in breaking down hreflang records that are necessary when you want to target different regions and languages.

SEOquake chrome extension

This extension gives you the most detailed information about your side. This extension gives you a complete overview, including Alexa ranks for Google and Bing indexing information as well your SEMrush rank. You will find reports such a density or diagnosis reports from this report. The density report is useful for determining keyword density on a page. You do not have to be obsessive about keyword density. It is possible to not rank for a keyword you are trying to rank, but you should mention it. A diagnosis report can provide information on on-page SEO elements for any page. This extension tool’s best feature is the ability to do a Google search and receive information on each site that has been ranked.

Wrapping up

These are some options for Search Engine Optimization extensions tools for Chrome. You’ll need to select the one that suits your needs the most. It’s easy to pick one of the extension’s tools above. Although you don’t have to use them all, you can make your site optimized by using any combination of them.

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