80+ Free Fonts For Commercial And Personal Use

In this post we present 80+ Free Fonts for Commercial and Personal Use. we look around the web we can see a variety of best fonts is available that not only helps the different designers to create a stunning piece & save time. Choosing the wrong font can make a serious site look silly. All these free Commercial and Personal fonts are designed & are suitable for graphic and web designers. So here is the list of 80+ Free Fonts for Commercial and Personal Use. We hope you enjoy this collection.

LP Print

LP Print (Custom)

LP Print is a free sans serif typeface. It’s my first full character set and I hope you enjoy it!


Fabfelt Script
Fabfelt Script (Custom)

Designer Fabien Despinoy sends us his great hand written font Fabfelt Script.


Mono16 – Free Programming Fonts

Mono16 - Free Programming Fonts (Custom)

I couldn’t find a crisp looking font for low-res displays at my prefered font size so I made these.


Gluten Font

Gluten Font (Custom)

THIS FONT IS DELICIOUS! It’s also slightly loud, very round, and 100% fun. With over 343 glyphs it supports Albanian, Basque, Breton, Chamorro, Danish, Dutch, English, Faroese, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician, German, Italian, Malagasy, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and comes in TTF/OTF files with a webfont kit. You could say it is QUITE FILLING.


Free Font: Betty

Free Font Betty (Custom)

Betty is a typeface inspired by the vintage and old school tattoo art. It works perfect with OpenType supported applications.The 2 fonts are delivered in OpenType format and support Latin and Greek character set. They are suitable for identity design and tattoo designs.


Free Font: Elcsa

Free Font Elcsa (Custom)

Brazil graphic designer Asclê de Oliveira is the creator of the beautiful font Elcsa.


Dogtown Typeface

Dogtown Typeface (Custom)

Dogtown. This new typeface has texture. Lots of texture. I finally figured out a way to add a massive amount of detail to a typeface, without it crashing my computer. Perhaps too much detail.




Here on Designbeep,we also aim to help designers to find free yet high quality resources whether for your web design projects or graphic design projects.


MAYHEM Font (Custom)



Free Font Of The Day : Fakedes

Free Font Of The Day Fakedes (Custom)

Well,although we bring together free font collections time to time we decided to share a free font everyday and today’s free font Fakedes is designed by Cyril Mikhailov.



MOSCÚ (Custom)

Type inspired in Russian Constructivism. MOSCÚ | Free Fonts for Commercial and Personal Use.


Leto Text Sans

Leto Text Sans (Custom)

Leto Text Sans is transitional sans-serif typefamily in 9 styles – 4 weights with italics and free Defect style.


ATHENA – Post-modern Typeface

ATHENA – Post-modern Typeface (Custom)

Typeface created in the Introduction to Typeface Design classes at SCAD – Savannah College of Art and Design.


Muller Thin & ExtraBold (Demo Version)

Muller Thin & ExtraBold (Demo Version) (Custom)

In the process they changed to the point where they had nothing in common with the original idea. As it is with most work we do, when we seek perfection, changes are inevitable.


Hamster Script (Free Font)

Hamster Script (Free Font) (Custom)

Hamster is a cursive typeface inspired by brush lettering and traditional sign painting. Suitable for branding/identity, clothing/t-shirt design, signage, headlines, poster, etc. Hamster Script was crafted carefully to equalize the dynamic flow and it’s legibility.


Mercat Barcelona

Mercat Barcelona (Custom)


Anders free font

Anders free font (Custom)

Anders is an experimental free font featured by a modern and minimal look. Designed and released by Mr. Alex White.


KORSQUE – Stacked/Layered Typeface

KORSQUE - Stacked Layered Typeface (Custom)

A three style display typeface (with one free style). Use big and bold, for headings or simple phrases (or even one word).


Bukhari Script – Free Font

Bukhari Script – Free Font (Custom)

Bukhari Script is a bold monoline cursive font.
And also i called this face as a “Mouse Lettering Typeface”, because it’s start created from a bold line with a computer mouse.


Winkel60 – Own Typography

Winkel60 - Own Typography (Custom)

Design a new original alphabet with a poster promoting its release. Made for stuff Typography I Gaitto Chair of the Graphic Design (FADU | UBA).


Melma Font
Melma Font (Custom)



GOVORY (Custom)



Bobz Type (Free Font)

Bobz Type (Free Font) (Custom)

My first project for creating font. In this font, I only provided the uppercase characters and glyphs. For the lowercase characters I made it the same as uppercase characters. This font is 100% free for personal and commercial use. Hope you will fun and enjoy it !!!


Not Perfect – Free Font

Not Perfect – Free Font (Custom)

All freebies from dealjumbo can be used for both personal and commercial puroposes, for yourself or on behalf of a client, on their own, or as part of new work.




This post is short and sweet. The idea of a neon sign came up at work. I designed this font to look like a neon sign. Not a filled neon, a proper tube looking neon.


kanyon Typeface

kanyon Typeface (Custom)

Free font “Canyon” consists of two tracings (light, regular).


Krokow – Free Font

Krokow – Free Font (Custom)

A new FREE simple handmade typeface family entitled Krokow, with both thin and bold variations, free for personal and commercial use.


Good Vibes – Script Font

Good Vibes – Script Font (Custom)

Free handdrawn script font from Cruzine Design. Download & Enjoy 😉


Badhead Typeface

Badhead Typeface (Custom)

Badhead is a fresh looking font, perfect for branding, greeting cards, logotypes, or any design with a strong and elegant touch. Mix alternate characters to add an attractive message to your work.


Nickainley Script
Nickainley Script (Custom)

Nickainley is a Monoline Script font. handwriting font with a touch of classic and vintage.
in uppercase, lowercase characters, numeral and punctuation.
can be used for various purposes.such as logos, badges, wedding invitations, t-shirts, letterhead,
signage, labels, news, posters, badges etc.


SP Complex Typeface

SP Complex Typeface (Custom)

Another free font for you guys. Of course have fun. SP Complex Typeface Free Fonts for Commercial and Personal Use.


Tresdias – Free Font

Tresdias – Free Font (Custom)


Juiz de Fora – Free Font

Juiz de Fora – Free Font (Custom)

Juiz de Fora – Free Beautiful font. Juiz de Fora – Free Fonts for Commercial and Personal Use.


Get Coffee – Script Font

Get Coffee – Script Font (Custom)


Blogger Sans

Blogger Sans (Custom)

Blogger Sans draws inspiration from the clarity and legibility of the popular font Dosis with an additional support of the lost Cyrillic languages.


Cool Story Handwritten

Cool Story Handwritten (Custom)


Teardrop typeface

Teardrop typeface (Custom)

Ideas are weird and quite often, for me at least, necessity drives ideas. If I want something, but cant find it in the shops, I just create it myself.


Gogia Typeface

Gogia Typeface (Custom)

Gogóia is a yummi juicy font inspired by brazilian tropicalism. It is also a very thorn fruit that grows on a dry weather. And guess what: gogóia is also a song very known on gal costa’s voice. This font is available for free under creative commons license,


Barcelona – Free Font

Barcelona - Free Font (Custom)

It is a fresh looking font, perfect for branding, greeting cards, logotypes, or any design with a strong and elegant touch. Mix alternate characters to add an attractive message to your work.


Late Regular

Late Regular (Custom)

Late Regular is a font I designed inspired and based upon Drake “If youre reading this its too late”.


Goral – free super font family

Goral – free super font family (Custom)

Not only our fonts are completely free, we also share with you the Entire font family, normally made of 16 styles! varied in weights from hair thin to bold and other stylistic properties for maximum design flexibility.


White Pine free font

White Pine free font (Custom)

I created this while working on a logo for a client. They wanted a serif font with a hand drawn feel. I had trouble finding exactly what I wanted and decided to create it myself. Now you can download it and use it on your projects too!


Marbre Sans Free Font

Marbre Sans Free Font (Custom)

“Marbre” is a sans serif typeface available for free download for personal use.


Chubby Font

Chubby Font (Custom)

The font was intentionally created (started) for a visual communication exam a few years ago. I was under a tight deadline and needed it only for a few posters, so i designed the characters along the way, as i needed them.


Commodos Numerals Font

Commodos Numerals Font (Custom)

Files decoded and transformed for the humanity * Minimum size is 300 pt.


Growl Font

Growl Font (Custom)


Smaq Typeface

Smaq Typeface (Custom)

Smaq is a decorative typeface, ideal for posters,logos, etc.

Smaq is my gift to you, all 8 styles are completely free, caps only, basic Latin and Greek glyphs.




The really nice handmade font by Marcelo Reis Melo: BellaBoo. BellaBoo is an all caps
font perfect for any kind of project the type also contain latin characters and swedish characters.
This font is available in the Formats: .OTF .TTF


Arkhip Font

Arkhip Font (Custom)

The free font with a Russian soul. Arkhip Font Free Fonts for Commercial and Personal Use.


Free Font ALDI

Free Font ALDI (Custom)

I started this font on Friday for some practice. I hope it satisfies some design needs for a simple, solid, handwritten typeface!


Sunday Font Custom Typeface

Sunday Font Custom Typeface (Custom)

I’ve always loved illustration and letters but both of them were “forbidden fruits” to me. I’d never though that one day I could create an illustration or design letterforms. And the last thing I could ever imagine is designing a font!


Athan Typeface

Athan Typeface (Custom)

than is an uppercase geometric sans serif typeface designed by Dani Montesinos. Inspired by one piece of lettering from the 1970s, Athan offers something a little different in terms of typography. With strong geometric forms, and highly distinctive characters,


Matchstick Thin

Matchstick Thin (Custom)

Matchstick Thin is a FREE sans-serif typeface designed by Oliver Walthard. Feel free to use it anywhere you want, also commercially — i’d be happy if you could shoot me an example or link where you used it.


Tomahawk — Vintage Font

Tomahawk — Vintage Font (Custom)

Inspired by vintage sign, native americans, rustic works and folk. This is my font 16th a nice and oldie typeface to create amazing and trendy logotypes.


Kaneda | FREE FONT

Kaneda FREE FONT (Custom)


Harlott (Free Font)

Harlott (Free Font) (Custom)

Inspired by classic brush lettering, Harlott Script gives an impression of straight brush calligraphy and natural hand lettering. It can be used as a logo, part of branding, headline, any display purposes, t-shirt design, etc. Harlott Script also contains of diacritic symbols that support many european languages.


Ek Mukta Font Family

Ek Mukta Font Family (Custom)

Ek Mukta is a Unicode compliant, versatile, contemporary, humanist, mono-linear typeface available in seven weights, supporting Devanagari and Latin scripts. This type family is a libre licensed version the Ek multi-script family, an ongoing project to develop a unified type family for each Indian script.


Estreita – Free font

Estreita - Free font (Custom)

Estreita is a typography familly create for personal use, the extra condensed style with the weight variation beetween the left and right stems, give estreita a touch of elegance and strangeness at the
same time.


Pahuenga Cass Font

Pahuenga Cass Font (Custom)

Inspired by Old Universal Horror Movies, Created with Old/Vintage B-movie Signs. Has Uppercase Alphabet, Lowercase Alphabet, Numbers 0-9. Free for personal use/charity/school projects/church projects.


OberTuerkheim Font

OberTuerkheim Font (Custom)


XPLOR – Free Typeface

XPLOR – Free Typeface (Custom)



Fantasy Type for free

Fantasy Type for free (Custom)

This is a free font designed by me. You can write me to have it. It can be used in commercial or personal works and we would love



ORDNUNG (Custom)

Ordnung is a modular modern Gothic typeface, it’s available for free.


Dynamo Font

Dynamo Font (Custom)

Translated form the original German description: 1960 specifies Friedrich Poppl his first font for the type foundry D. Stempel AG before this dynamic Antiqua is indeed cut , and also gets a catalog number , but then not be published.


Nemesia: Free Typeface

Nemesia Free Typeface (Custom)

This is the third font I’ve created, you can use it for personnal and commercial works.


Queen of Camelot Font Family

Queen of Camelot Font Family (Custom)

This version contains more visually appealing glyphs with proportionate weights and kerning added. Punctuation is included as is basic Latin, some ligatures, and diacritics for Eastern Europe.


DreamScar Font

DreamScar Font (Custom)

This font like my others are free for personal use only as long as this readme file stays intact. For commercial use please contact me at [email protected] to discuss an end user license.


Helena Font

Helena Font (Custom)

Helena is my new typeface with tons of stuffs for you


Ardnas – Free Font

Ardnas - Free Font (Custom)


Who Cares – Typeface

Who Cares - Typeface (Custom)


CUS typeface

CUS typeface (Custom)

I found some weird numbers on a wall, at CUS (Centro Universitario Sportivo) in Idroscalo, in Milan. I started to draw some letters based on these numbers, and, finally, I made this font, a geometric condensed sans, with some weird details.



MinimumGram (Custom)


Crytéo – Free font

Crytéo - Free font (Custom)

A This is a typographical part of a visual identity of a place of historical exposure. It was at once be both sufficiently legible to serve the purpose of museum curators and sufficiently strict and elegant to help the theatricality of the place. This typeface is embellished with a set of pictograms to support the rating.


CIRCO | Free Font

CIRCO Free Font (Custom)


Chameli Sans Typeface

Chameli Sans Typeface (Custom)

The new Tizen OS encompass a variety of devices to wearable device from smart TV,
and have a system-exclusive font which is called Tizen Sans.
However, the Tizen Sans have some problem of shape and it isn’t show shapical responsives.


Icon Font Design

Icon Font Design (Custom)

PROJECT Designer bag: design di un set di 9 icone per designer e sviluppatori interessati ad utilizzare le icone in un progetto web o mobile.


Finos font

Finos font (Custom)

Finos is a display typeface inspired by retro Greek cinema.
It works perfect with open type support applications.The font is delivered in two weights Regular & Bold and in Open Type format.


Streamster Typeface

Streamster Typeface (Custom)

Streamster typeface, available for free download for personal use.


Free Font: Abyaster

Free Font Abyaster (Custom)

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