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Apple has killed the IDFA. Facebook, Google, and others are pushing for fully automated media buying. These events are causing a shift in the way mobile app advertising is done. Creativity is the best lever to make and maintain financial profit in a post IDF/automated world. But it’s not easy to create innovative creative ideas and concepts. 90% of Facebook ads don’t beat the top-performing ad in any portfolio. Even those who do succeed, creative fatigue sets in and they die within 10 weeks.

Breakthrough creative ideas

Creativity is the king and teams that embrace a creative-first mindset, will thrive. The ones that don’t will die, unfortunately.

Hard Mobile App Advertising Truths

Creative breakthrough ideas

Developers of mobile apps often succeed or fail depending on how effective they measure retention, revenue, LTV, and other factors.

They place great emphasis on new games, new levels and game assets.

Mobile app developers can’t be creative-first…

Their marketing and product teams are maintained in silos.

They don’t provide marketing resources that are constantly updated to avoid creative fatigue.

They do not assess creative fatigue as rigorously as retention.

Not as important is creating new ad assets and content as it is to develop new levels and content.

In order for mobile app developers to thrive and survive in a post IDFA/automated world, they must disband their marketing teams and build new ones that embrace a creative-first approach. If they don’t do this, they will become dinosaurs.

How to begin formulating a creative plan

Innovative ideas The first step is to analyze performance data and determine what has worked, what didn’t work, and why. This allows for performance-based creative recommendations. To discover creative trends, you can study your competition’s ads and those of other genres to uncover them. This allows you to create broad ideas from competitor-based creative suggestions. In your creative recommendations, you will incorporate user motivations or player personas.

Remember, your competition may also fail at the 95% mark. It is possible to create a creative strategy that makes it seem like everyone in your category is doing the same thing. This results in similar ads.

What is the Creative Journey, you ask?

A creative journey is a roadmap that advertisers must follow to produce consistent financial results over many months. This quantitative process produces new creative ideas that aim to keep creative fatigue at bay. These are the steps involved in the creative journey.

Creative Journey

The creative learning agenda is a key component of the creative journey. This is key to unlocking new ideas and avoiding the trap of tunnel vision. In fact, the ability to design a creative learning program is dependent on understanding player personas and marketing segmentation.

Why Player Personas Matter

Player Personas are a way to visualize the user that you want to target with a product or service, such as an application or game. A player persona summarises the background, motivations, goals, and needs of the target users. This persona can help you design a solution for the target user to meet their expectations, needs, desires, and goals.

Howard Moskowitz will tell you. In many instances, Howard Moskowitz used horizontal segmentation-a method of breaking down your target market into more specific groups in order to better cater to their needs. Pepsi hired Moskowitz to find the perfect sweetness. Moskowitz however found it impossible. According to Moskowitz’s research, there wasn’t one level of sweetness. However, there were many levels. Pepsi was never sold, but thankfully a pickle manufacturer bought into the idea of horizontal segmentation. Moskowitz offered them several delicious pickles: classic, zesty, and others.

Moskowitz’s Prego design was the pièce de résistance. He conducted a deep dive into the preferences of Prego customers and provided them with multiple sauces. Moskowitz’s most notable contribution was to suggest a chunky sauce. Prego was able to listen and launch a line chunky pasta. The company made $600 million in the next few years.

One thing is certain: there is no one way to appeal to everyone. Multiple concepts can be used to appeal to different groups. By being aware of the motivations of players, you can tailor content for app users.

Breakthrough ideas for player motivation

How to incorporate player persons to generate breakthrough creative ideas

You need to include these player personas within your creative learning program in order to produce breakthrough ideas. Here are two examples to show you how to get creatively stuck using player personas and motivations.

Romance App

The romance app category had a lot of visually and creatively similar advertising. There was fatigue across the category. Competitors copied our best-performing advertising, and we did our best to copy theirs. We wanted ads that stood apart from the competition, and we needed a strategy to help develop new ideas to appeal to the top users of the application.

In order to discover these innovative creative ideas, we looked at the first category to see if there was an individual abroad whom we did not follow. Since then, we’ve expanded our analysis of creative trends to include non-competitive areas that will be most attractive to high-population groups (18+). These categories included fashion, shopping, dating and entertainment.

We have also identified statements that have not been verified in this category. In the non-competitive categories, we explored each of our trends to motivate our players (story/narrative and design / correction). We identified influential and testimonial trends for the Entertainment, Dating, and Shopping categories. We found that Timed and Budgeted challenges were proving to be successful in Design. These could be applied to our ideas to appeal to player motivations.

The creative strategy we created was based on both competitor and un competitor trends. It was designed to revive the category while still appealing to our target audience and player motivations. These concepts have been tested and we will take their feedback into consideration when we implement the next round.

We found these creative trends in romance apps:

Romance App AdsRomance Creative Trends

Female Story: Women overcome obstacles and misbehaving husbands (Hooked.

Female Story/Pregnancy. Pregnancy, and the challenges associated with motherhood were prominently featured. (Choices. Chapters. Dreame. React.

Choices: Choose the option that directs your narrative. (Chapters & Choices.

Testimonial is about a player’s impression and/or experience with the game. (Hooked Wattpad.

R-Rated Humor. Risque, bawdy or sexually suggestive humor. (Choices. Chapters. Dreame.

Pop Culture: Concepts that leverage pop culture trends. (Hooked.

Relaxation: Concepts that emphasize relaxation as a primary benefit. (Dreame.

These are also market trends within the same category.

Competitive Trends

Female characters in peril

Mean Girls: These are cruel characters who mock weak or unpopular girls but end up losing to them.

Time Progressions. Narrative-style ads that explain present conflict by going back or forward in time.

Outfit Selections Montage. Showing many make-up options and outfits. Dressing girls up for an event/date/contest.

You must choose between two interests.

Awful Dates: Female characters endure awful dates/relationships. But they end up finding a better person or deciding what outcome they want.

Competitive Nature: Friends competing for better date/outfits/more likes on Instagram/popularity.

Home Decorating App

The Home Decorating App ads were mostly in the design challenge category. These ads include a selection of different furniture to complete the assignment. Our concept was copied by other competitors who used the same assets to promote their games. As you can see, over time, the creativity faded away, and many of the creations in apps look the same.

We came up with innovative concepts that would make the category stand out. Our new concepts were based on primary and secondary player motivations. We also implemented non-category trends that emphasized a high-value demographic (Females 30+).

According to market research and player motivation, relaxation and stress relief were the main driving forces. Inspired by the most popular creative people, we come up with new ideas to help you relax. These ads cover everything from meditation and relaxation design ideas to getting out of the trash. (We took inspiration from Marie Kondo as a designer who impresses our target audience.

Another boost for players is solving creative problems. We have created concepts that revolve around a specific client with a design challenge. This helped us make a statement about attracting players to other sports.

Finally, we also examined categories that target the same player demographic and motivations for both genres and other apps. This resulted in us recommending creative that used elements from high-performing Match 3 ads. This appeals to female players over 30 who are keen on creative problem-solving. These concepts are being tested. We will use client performance data to implement the next round.

Here are some home decor app design trends:

Property Brothers HomeCreative Fashions

Design Challenge: Room and Home design. (Home Design: Caribbean Life. Design My Room. Property Brothers. Design Home. Redecor.

Design Challenge/Client. Home and room design using a picker, budget and/or a lot of creativity. (Home Design: Caribbean Life, Design Home, Redecor, My Home Design Story: Episode Choices.)

Renovation Challenge: Home remodeling, often using pickers. (Redecorating My Home – Design Dreams. Homescapes. Gardenscapes. Design Home.

Game Trailer: This trailer shows gameplay, graphics, and much more. (Redecor Dream Home Design Game and Match-3.

Noob vs. Pro: Amateur versus experienced gameplay. (Decor Dream – Home Design Game and Match-3.

Relaxation: The design is based on relaxing themes. (Design Home, Redecor.

Female Story is a female-driven narrative that drives the need to renovate and/or design. My Home: Design Dreams, Lily’s Garden, Word Villas, Homescapes, Gardenscapes.)

How can we maximize net profit from mobile app creative strategies?

Consumer Acquisition is able to help create a custom creative learning schedule for your app. This allows us to create a steady stream if creative ideas and assets, which will help you stay ahead of creativity fatigue and keep your mobile app advertising profitable. Through our Creative Studio CA+, we can provide faster, cheaper, and more efficient asset production via our mondo shots that allow agile production as well as creative testing.

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