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12 Best Services Send Or Request Online Payments

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Best Services is an easy, fast and secure online payment service that lets you send, request and receive money directly from your bank account. You can send a request with just an email or mobile number in an instant. Login and Pay with makes it easy for customers to

The SmartPhone Revolution [Infographic]

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The SmartPhone Revolution [Infographic] Describes How SmartPhones Get a Special Place in Technology World.   [Source]

OnePlus One Mini Specs & leaked photos

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Two photos of a purported “mini” OnePlus. What’s more, those details come by way of a pair of leaked photos that may provide our first look at the next-generation OnePlus handset,

Temporarily Stops OnePlus Sales in India

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The dust has barely settled after the bombshell announcement that Cyanogen Inc. quietly signed an exclusive deal with OEM Micromax in India.

Wireless Charging Plate For Lumia Mobile Phone

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Nokia Wireless Charging plate was arrival in 2014. Now Nokia Wireless Charging Plate (DT-903) Price: 78.72$ Looking to give someone special a Nokia Lumia 930, Nokia Lumia 830 or Nokia Lumia 735