26 Best Facts About Google – Infographic

Each day, hundreds of millions of people search for something on Google. Funny cat pictures or videos latest news or information about everything from celebrities. We enjoy sharing interesting best facts about Google and other companies from time to time, and now we have some new ones to share thanks to the team over at WhoIsHostingThis.You probably didn’t know Google’s original name was Backrub. It was inspired by the system’s method of using back links to find and rank pages.Read More »26 Best Facts About Google – Infographic

What Kind Of Designer Are You? – Infographic

The artist behind all the designs that people see nowadays in every medium is talented individual and each bestows a unique personality or approach in making their works. You work in an advertising agency, art studio, website development company or even gaming company will meet your various talented designers in the world and you will see that there are several kinds.

If you’re interested in graphics or layout the Web designer position might interest you. While if you’re more interested in programming and scripting, then looking for a job as a Web developer or Web programmer might fit the bill.
Different client kind, and there are usually different people, just like – there are a few different kind of designers.
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7 Very Best Infographic WordPress Themes

Hello everyone, Today we are going to share a great premium high-quality responsive 7 Infographic WordPress Themes. In this article we’ve selected some of the very best 7 Infographic WordPress Themes for you to use in your projects. These themes are built to resize and realign itself to cater to the different screen sizes of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, i.e. they are responsive. We have taken much time to get a quality list of 7 Best Infographic WordPress Themes which will look grand on multiple devices.Read More »7 Very Best Infographic WordPress Themes

Which Platform is Better | Tumblr vs WordPress – infographic

Tumblr and WordPress’ working scopes vary from personal diaries even to websites for business. Well, all other options set aside –more on those coming soon– Tumblr  and WordPress are extremely different. Can’t decide on which platform for your website? There will be a few questions you’ll need to answer though before you start. Which blog platform is best for me to use? Is Tumblr or WordPress better?

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