9 SEO Trends You Need to Make Sure You Are Updated With

In Queensland, Australia, Brisbane is considered to be the most populous city. People tend to gather in this place since it is regarded as a global city and is highly rated as one of the most livable cities. With so many people living in the city, you know that it is a good place to start your business.

But starting a business is never a simple task, especially when it comes to business marketing. There are always new trends to follow, like making your website SEO optimized. Since you will be starting in Brisbane, you will also have to hire Brisbane SEO companies, but besides that, here are some SEO trends you need to know about:

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Optimised

Ever since the mobile phone was invented, almost everyone you see will have these devices on their hand, and with the pandemic still going on, it has become even more useful. As long as there is wifi, connecting to the internet is no problem. So since this is now the most used device globally, you will have to make your website optimized for mobile phones also.
Ever since Google made new guidelines, desktop and mobile SEOs have become separate, and the reason for this is that they are different devices. And since Google is the largest and most efficient search engine, you have no choice but to follow the new guidelines, or your website may not show in the top results of mobile users.

Go for Zero-Click Search

If you are located in a specific locality, prioritize using local SEO; for example, hire a Brisbane SEO company and optimize your website for the local audience; why? Because about 50% of Google search results are zero-click searches, and these types of results are from local websites and businesses. That is why it is important for you as a business owner to have a backlink profile and Google My Business Account.
This will help your business stand out in your local area, which is a good way to invite customers from your locality and others, like tourists and non-local people, to try out your products and services.

Best Intent content

One thing always stays true: those who have the best intent content that is appealing to the intended will be the ones that will always have a good rank in search engines. So the content in your website must have well-researched keywords to back them up.
It would be best to research the most relevant content regarding your business and look at your competitors’ content to make something better.

Make Buyer-Centric Content

Aside from keywords and studying Google algorithms, ensure that your content is created especially for your target customers. That is why it is important to make buyer personas and to build your content around them. Don’t make your website about yourself, but about your customers. 
Imagine what it is to be a customer at your website, looking for products and services to answer their problems. Your content may be SEO optimised, but it will not do any good if you can’t even help your customers get what they want.

SEO Optimised Video Content

It is also important for you to make video content for your websites. You can share videos on social media, and if it’s appealing enough, you might be able to get new customers. But you have to make sure that they have the proper tags and are voicing well-researched keywords. 
Additionally, it would be best to put a video on your landing page, too, with the keywords you have researched.

Core Web Vitals

If you do not know what Core Web Vitals are, then you better do your research properly since now, more than ever, SEO has become more focused on user experience. So if you have a bad score in your Core Web Vitals, forget about being in the top ranks of search engines.

Show More Than Just Keywords 

It’s not all about keywords; you know, you have to put actual content too. Keywords and word count may be important to Google Algorithm, but what keeps users happy and makes them stay is content, and that is why blogs and videos are important for a website.
Good content will also let you have good customer reviews, which are very important for your business. Businesses with good customer reviews on their website will be pushed upwards on the SERPs since Google wants to make the first page of its search result with the best sites.

High-Quality Backlinks

If your website provides proper content and has good customer reviews, news websites might backlink your business in their content. This can greatly boost the traffic to your website, and with the help of an SEO agency, you can be on the first page in no time. 
Media and SEO go “hand in hand” together when it comes to business marketing. So, if you have both of them on your side, you are one of the lucky few.

Cumulative Layout Shift

One of the things users hate when going into web pages is the many moving parts on them. This is what you call a cumulative layout shift and is part of Core Web Vitals, and it has been with Google guidelines for a while now. But because the user experience is now one of the main criteria for a website, you must address these problems in your website immediately.
Moving content can make users click on annoying ads and links, making them give your website a bad review.

SEO optimization is always evolving throughout the years, so you better make sure that your business is in on it when there is a new trend. If you don’t, you could be left behind by your competitors, and as a result, your website traffic could decrease significantly. That is why you should always be aware of the news and guidelines that search engines release, and especially what Google has to say.
With the pandemic still going on, the best way to reach customers is through the internet. Almost everyone is online now, so if your website is appealing enough, you will not run out of customers.

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