6 Disadvantages of WordPress

A website can be considered an extension or a part of your business. Your clients, both current and future, are visiting you online. To make your clients feel positive about you, you need to offer them a simple and enjoyable user experience. You can provide this experience by creating a website that is fully functioning and loads quickly.

It’s important not to forget that not all websites work the same.

Websites may experience technical problems. They will need to be managed by an agency, especially if created using WordPress.

Six of the disadvantages of WordPress websites are discussed here.

1. Additional features require many plugins

If your agency purchases a design template, they usually get fully designed web pages that need to be updated by your branded content (images/text).

If you wish to add more features to your website, however, your agency would need to search plugins for WordPress. Some plugins come free of charge, while others are paid for. Sometimes, plugins are no longer needed or are obsolete.

InstaWidget, for example, is needed to enable you to display your Instagram feed on your website.

Your agency would be responsible for installing, managing, and updating the plugins. This can be tricky and often fails with agencies.

2. Frequent Plugin and Theme Updates

You should keep in mind that digital technology is continually changing in order to benefit users and improve their experience.

You would need your agency to log on to the site regularly to view your dashboard and check for updates. You can’t let this happen while you are working on other projects. They constantly need to be updated.

You should remember that even with the most advanced technology, errors and glitches can still happen. Broken links can cause your site to crash.

3. Slow page speed

WordPress is still slow because of the many plugins, codebases, and oversaturated databases.

These are not the only factors that can slow down a website. Unreliable hosting, large images and a lot more text can all impact the speed of your website.

Page speed is essential for your website. It is essential that your website loads quickly to avoid your audience becoming impatient. If they do, it can result in lost sales.

4. Poor SEO Ranking

WordPress packages offer very limited SEO optimization options, making it difficult to rank on Google.

A stronger software and tech to help you outrank other practices in a competition market is essential if you are to maximize your SEO efforts.

A good agency will target thousands of keywords instead of just a handful. A majority of agencies only focus on a handful keywords. This will not have any impact on your search engine rankings. Your practice will be more easily found by potential clients and current clients if it has more relevant keywords.

5. Website Vulnerability

Your website, just like other things on the Internet, can be hacked and spammed.

WordPress is a popular website and is often targeted by hackers and spammers. Even if all security plugins are installed by your agency, it will not be enough to ensure your website is secure.

Spammers will most likely target websites that have comments and contact forms. It can be difficult to go through all comments and emails.

Website vulnerabilities can negatively impact your credibility and spread viruses among your users.

6. Website can be taken down without notice

Websites can shut down unexpectedly for many reasons.

Your website may not be accessible if you’re not paying attention. It could be down temporarily or for several days. This could negatively impact your business.

Then, you need to hire a company to help you get it up again. This is another expense that you don’t want.


WordPress is a popular CMS because of its simplicity. This makes it an affordable platform for small businesses to start online.

Save money and avoid the headache.

DoctorLogic is here to help you expand your practice.

We will design your site so you can display your work with a photo or video gallery. To help you receive reviews from your clients, we offer a review tool.

We will help you make your practice stand out among the rest.

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