3 Tech Innovations To Implement In Your Marketing Campaign

The digital marketing landscape changes second after second. Newly discovered technologies and a degree of competition are some factors that trigger these changes.

If business owners desire to stay in the market, they need to keep up with these changes. They must turn their websites into traffic and sales magnets, attracting more visitors while getting better than their competitors. On the other hand, they’ll end up in tatters if they fail to use effective marketing methods.

If you’re a business owner trying to earn a spot in your industry, you’ll need more than your high-quality products and services. You need a top-tier strategy. And the use of digital marketing tools and innovations can play a big role in executing your marketing campaign.

Optimizing Your Marketing Campaign

While organic content breeds organic traffic, good content might not just be enough for a business to establish a loyal fan base. You also need to discover some tech innovations and tools to support your strategies, such as IT automation and digital marketing dashboards, which can help attract your audience and increase your traffic, reach, and sales.

Deep-dive into the following tech innovations and know why you need to include them right now in your marketing efforts.

  1. Voice and Visual Search Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) gave birth to a cluster of marketing ideas. With the voice searching method, internet users can now order food online even when they’re doing something else, like cooking or attending to their kids. They won’t need to sit down and focus on holding their devices as they type the right keywords; they just need to turn on the voice search feature and say the magic words.

Meanwhile, there’s visual search technology, which enables searching for items or ideas without having to type or talk—the search can be done by solely using an image. Just use a browser or visual search app, open the lens or scanner, and run it through an object. You may also download a photo you’ve seen on the internet, then paste it on a search engine to look for resources related to it or discover its name. This process is called visual searching. All websites that have content associated with the image will appear on the search engine.

For your business to gain traction, you should make your website visual- and voice-search-friendly. You may also use Pinterest and Instagram to expand your business’s searchability. Or, you could have visual search optimization by adding images to your sitemap and using captions and alt tags. On the other hand, voice search enables your business to have ‘conversations’ with your customers by adding a speech recognition feature to your website. This way, your organic users and potential customers can easily search for you without hassle.

  1. Geographically Targeted SEO Strategy

A geographically targeted SEO strategy aims to help a business improve its reach and sales in its target area through a vast range of services and features such as PPC, social media marketing, web design, branding, and content marketing.

If your business is located in Oxford or Oxfordshire and you want to build or improve your website, you may look for an Oxford Marketing agency that can help you do geo-targeting in that local area. A business in Beijing will need the assistance of an agency that knows the industry and competition in the city by using optimized content marketing, off-page and on-page SEO, and eye-catching graphic design, and SEO strategies that’ll make the website rank in local searches. To cut it short, geo-targeted SEO focuses on optimizing content to direct its visibility to a specific target location.

  1. Automation and Machine Learning 

Automation and machine learning expand business capabilities. With these technologies, your business can gain insights through data collection and analysis. For example, if you have an e-commerce website, automation and machine learning can help speed up the process by working on repetitive and menial tasks like data entry. With automation, your employees can focus on the more complex tasks needing more human attention and time.

Furthermore, automation and machine learning streamline the order fulfillment cycle. Through this, parts that slow down the process become identified. For example, when customers buy and get redirected often, they’ll most likely transfer to another online store. With automation and machine learning, these redirects will be reduced and/or removed, providing the customers with many available options on their screen. Adopting this quick and convenient purchase process will prompt your customers to stay on your website, check out your offers, and eventually, make a purchase.

Tech Innovations For In-Store Marketing

In-store marketing has seen its fair share of innovations as well. Below are some of them:

  1. Digital Signages

In the past, store owners use posters and hang banners to advertise products, announce offerings, and raise brand awareness. Today, digital signages are the latest trend.

If you have a physical store or brick-and-mortar business, tech innovations like digital signages can help drive traffic. With digital signages, you can display text, images, and video messages. People who pass by your store can easily see your new product or service offerings, promotions, and store events on your digital signage screen.

You can learn more about creating appealing, versatile, and unique digital signage designs at www.mandoemedia.com/.

  1. Retail Robots

Retail robots have several purposes. These robots can direct customers to product stocking shelves, inform price changes, and even help market your products and services. For instance, you can use retail robots to explain the features and benefits of gadgets you have for sale.

  1. Virtual Reality

Stores can also use virtual reality (VR) to increase foot traffic, giving people a new and unique experience. VR technology can help promote your products on a different level. This technology involves generating a virtual environment with objects and scenes that look and feel real. For instance, your customers can check how they look like wearing your clothing brand using a VR helmet in front of a mirror to save fitting.

Going Beyond And Above Marketing

Digital marketing tactics have changed as one always gets better than the other.  Every year, digital marketers adjust their marketing styles to cope with the search engine’s ever-shifting algorithms too.

For this reason, businesses are encouraged to implement voice and visual search technology to promote products and services easily, as well as be found by target customers in no time. Increasing a website’s searchability through GEO SEO is another way to widen the reach of a business. Lastly, automation and machine learning speed up business processes such as order placement, inquiry cycle, and payment process. These, and other exemplary tech innovations, are must-haves for business growth and success amidst the changing marketing landscape and tough competition.

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