13 Best EdTech Certifications That Are Helpful

Do you wish to be an effective and marketable teacher with edtech certificates? Check out these edtech certificates that teachers should consider obtaining.

While educators are being trained to make the most of technology, many educators are eager to enroll in certifications designed to teach them how to use it. They can also use it to enhance their professional careers.

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If you are an educator and want to add edtech to your repertoire, I have listed a few certifications.

ISTE Certification

International Society for Tech in Education Certification or ISTE is a competency-based, vendor-neutral educator certification based in ISTE Standards for Educators. It recognizes educators who use technology to enhance their learning and make a difference. The classes are intended to assist educators in providing practical guidance, evidence-based learning, virtual networks, and thought-provoking events.

To become an ISTE Certified Teacher, you must attend a face-to-face training that is conducted by ISTE Certification Authorized Suppliers.

Next, you will need to complete an online course of approximately 30 hours (approximately five to eight weeks). Your e-portfolio must be submitted to the ISTE Certification Review Panel.

The program is available in detail and you can apply for it here.

Leading Edge Certifications

Leading Edge Certification, a certification program in education edtech is available. LEC was founded by an alliance of educational agencies, associations and organizations. It is the premier certification program of its type and is vendor and platform-neutral.

They currently offer four certifications

Online and blended educators


Digital Educator

Leaders in Professional Services

The program is available in detail and you can apply for it here.

Microsoft Certified Educator

Microsoft Certified Educator certification demonstrates educators’ global education tech literacy capabilities to offer customized learning experiences.

MCE certifications are for teacher educators candidates, teacher education college faculties, and in-service educators. MCE offers an e-learning curriculum to assist educators with preparing for the exam.

The program is available in detail and you can apply for it here.

Apple Distinguished Educators Program

Apple Distinguished Educators make up a global group of education leaders that are known for doing extraordinary things with Apple tech both in and out of the classroom. They seek out new ideas and open up new possibilities. Together, they work with one another to bring innovative ideas to all learners.

ADEs consult Apple on integrating tech into education environments. ADEs are the authors of original content, and they encourage the use of Apple products for engaging learners in new ways. They are ambassadors of technology and regularly participate in education events across the globe. It is more than a privilege to be a part of ADE.

The program is available in detail and you can apply here.

Google for Education Certified Teacher Program

Do you love helping others? Do you find edtech fascinating? Do you consider yourself a Google tool expert? If yes, becoming a Google Certified trainer may be the right fit.

Google for Education Certified Trainers are educators who support other teachers in successfully integrating technology into their classrooms. An IT specialist or coach is a great fit. But anyone can apply. Benefits include access to exclusive Google product launches and collaboration with educators to earn the digital badge of Google Certified Trainer.

Google Certified Trainers can get supplementary income. Google for Education Directory profiles trainers, so schools and other organizations have the opportunity to contact them to arrange training sessions.

The program is available in detail and you can apply for it here.

Adobe Creative Educator – Levels I & II

We liked the Adobe Creative Educator Certification because it focuses on creative thinking for both students AND teachers. It will increase and focus on Adobe products, especially Adobe Spark. However, the focus on creativity can easily adapt to the tools your Board uses in order to help your students.

For your Level 1 certification, it is necessary to complete an assignment with Adobe Spark. The assignment must be approved by three peer reviewers. This is actually a nice thing because it means that you are not just able to sit back and wait for your Level 1 certification, but have to complete an assignment using Adobe Spark with peer review.

Kahoot Certifications

Kahoot provides three levels of certifications: bronze, silver and gold. They offer a 33% discount for upgrading to a premium account once you have earned the Gold certificate. It’s a great incentive for EdTech certification!

To be able to move on to the next certification level, you have to start with Bronze. It is not possible to dive in and attempt Gold.

Canva Courses

Canva offers several courses that will teach you how to use Canva in education. There are no certifications or badges.

You will learn more about how to use it.

We recommend Canva for the Classroom and Graphic Design Basics.

Are you interested in learning more about Canva? Find out more about Canva in Episode 32.

Modern Classrooms Project – Distinguished Educator Program

This EdTech Certification is the newest. Modern Classrooms Project’s Distinguished Educator program aims to help you run your own blended and self-paced mastery-based class. You will be awarded a digital badge, a certificate, and listed in their global network of Distinguished Educators. Screencastomatic, EdPuzzle and a lifetime subscription are included. Also, you get a backpack for free.

As a Distinguished Education or, you can also become a mentor. This is a potential paid job.

Modern Classroom is a proponent of blended, self-paced, mastery-based classrooms. It’s all about finding students where they are, and building from there. You can find out more about Modern Classrooms by clicking here.

TextHelp Certification Program

TextHelp EdTech certification was created in collaboration with an amazing company that provides support to many of our students. They have created Read&Write. Fluency tutor, EquatIO, EquatIO, etc.

This certification covers all the major tools, how to use them, and how to become proficient using these tools.

There are two levels to their certification. The certification for Level 1 expires in one year. Level 2 expires in two years. The Level 2 certification comes with a project you must complete.

The certification can be geared to your roles, such as educator, school/district teacher, or administrator tech leader.

Book Creator Certified Author – Level 1

This edtech certificate for Book Creator takes only about an hour. You will learn all you need to know about Book Creator. Plus, you’ll get a lovely badge at completion!

Episode 28 features Book Creator.

Level 2 Certification remains in production. Keep checking for updates to find out when it will be available.

You want to be a Book Creator ambassador? The position should open in Summer 2021. There are many perks.

EdPuzzle Certificates – Level 1, 2 & 3 – Coach

EdPuzzle has many EdTech certifications. For this episode, we recommend the Level 1, 2 and Coach certifications.

These tutorials will teach you how to use EdPuzzles.

What is the best part about this certification? You learn how to use the tool by watching them as they do! It’s a wonderful way to see your tool in action and to learn how it works.

They currently have 20 different teacher credentials! Some certifications are repetitive, but they offer great value.

You are interested in Modern Classroom EdPuzzle’s Self Paced Classroom certification is available.

Also, make sure to watch Episode 29, which teaches you how to use EdPuzzle for your students!

Screencastify Certification Training

This certification shouldn’t be surprising. This tool is our favorite!

They hold 3 certifications for teachers: Master The Screencast, Skilled Submission, and Genius. A Master the Screencast Jr. certification is also available to students.

These certifications prove to be very useful. They discuss the many ways Screencastify can integrate with Google apps, and how to app smash it using Google apps.

Screencastify can be found in Episode 2 or Episode 34.

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